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Attorney Jonathan Jacobs of the Jacobs Family Law Firm is an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando practicing affordable family law and amicable divorce law throughout Winter Park and Orlando (Orange County), Clermont and Tavares (Lake County), Kissimmee and St. Cloud (Osceola County), Sanford and Altamonte Springs (Seminole County), Bartow and Lakeland (Polk County), the Villages (Sumter County), Ocala (Marion County), Tampa (Hillsborough County), Clearwater (Pinellas County), Crystal Rover (Citrus County) DeLand (Volusia County), Brevard County, and all throughout Central Florida. Call 407-335-8113 for answers to the questions you have about your marital and parental rights. Attorney Jacobs helps clients resolve their issues as efficiently and as cost-effectively (affordably) as possible. In this article, we provide a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how an uncontested divorce in Florida works, the cost, procedure, and timeline(s). The answers to those questions frequently asked by our clients offer some insight into how an uncontested divorce in Orlando FL is handled by family law courts and by spouses involved in the process. For more information about collaborative divorce, and the privacy it may afford you, read our other articles to learn and decide what type of divorce is best for your family. Call us at our office 407-335-8113 for your consultation. We offer flat rate uncontested divorces. Know your rights!

Read the questions and answers below to learn some insights from an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando FL. If you feel more comfortable e-mailing us about your marital issues, please send a description of your situation and questions to admin@jjlawfl.com or call 407-335-8113 and we will be happy to speak with you. Our offices are located in Winter Park, Clermont Florida, and through virtual FaceTime, Zoom, and Teams appointments to accommodate working professionals. As a flat rate divorce lawyer, We always appreciate working with clients and look forward to your call.

During the recent Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, many spouses are choosing to have amicable divorces to save money and protect their families. Now is the perfect time to save on fees and costs and start your post-marital life with more financial resources. Call today or fill out the new client consultation request form below to speak with an uncontested divorce attorney Orlando today. Many counties such as Orange County are allowing clients to complete an uncontested divorce without a court appearance by filing a Motion asking the Court to waive an in person appearance. Ask us today how you can obtain a divorce without appearing in court.


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Uncontested Divorce Attorney Orlando

1. How much is the cost of an uncontested divorce in Orlando?

The court filing fee for an uncontested divorce in Orlando FL is approximately the same as a contested divorce in Florida. The family court charges the same fee for both, currently $408.00 not counting any statutory convenience fee (usually 3.5%). If a divorce is uncontested, parties may save on the summons and service of process fees, which are approximately $110 and can make the difference between being unaffordable and a client having the financial means to afford a divorce. The court filing fee for an uncontested divorce in Lake County FL or in Osceola County FL or in Seminole County FL costs nearly the same. An Orlando uncontested divorce attorney can make your dissolution of marriage affordable.

When a divorce is contested there may be additional court proceedings such as mediation and hearings on motions (motions to compel, motions for timesharing relief, motions for temporary financial support, motions for clarification, and/or motions for contempt) which increases a litigant’s lawyer fees.

Hiring an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando can help you save on costs by avoiding extensive litigation and financial discovery. If your attorney’s primary role is that of a negotiator, adviser, and a drafter of your divorce papers, attorney’s fees will cost less, and with fewer arguments over property division and parenting roles, the process will likely move faster.

2. How long does an uncontested divorce take in Florida?

Generally speaking, an uncontested divorce in Florida can take as few as 3-6 weeks. How long an uncontested divorce in Orlando FL takes often depends on whether the court requires a final hearing for marital dissolution, or whether the parties may mail their proposed final judgment to the court along with their marital settlement agreement. During Covid-19, each court has established temporary policies and procedures that are unique and are best left to an experienced family law attorney to handle. Florida Statute 61.19 often requires litigants to wait approximately 20 days from the date of filing before asking the court sign a final judgment of dissolution of marriage. Scheduling a hearing and undergoing court formalities can be time-consuming. An uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando can schedule a hearing for the parties and save you a great deal of time. The parties are welcome to take as long as they need to resolve their issues if their divorce is uncontested and there is no need for an immediate dissolution.

Uncontested Divorce In Orlando FLAn uncontested divorce in Orlando, if done correctly, generally requires only one court appearance. The Petitioner is the party that must attend the final hearing for jurisdictional reasons, which takes approximately five minutes not counting any wait times due to a crowded docket. The Respondent may file a waiver of appearance and consent to final judgment and does not need to appear unless ordered to by the court (sometimes this is required for a name change).

Depending on the jurisdiction in which spouses live, litigants can sometimes file for an uncontested divorce without having to appear in court. Lake County and Seminole County generally offer this option and litigants may avoid appearing before the court. During the pandemic, Orange County has offered attorneys the option of having a divorce granted for their clients without a hearing. This means that all documents must be filed with the court, and your final pleadings must comply with the court’s requirements. If granted by mail or e-mail, you will likely receive a copy of the final judgment for dissolution of marriage. Official copies are available with the local clerk’s office. An uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando can ensure your pleadings are accurate and ready for the court to approve. Preparing a memorandum, also called a verified checklist certifying your case file is complete may be required for the court.

3. How do I file for an uncontested divorce?

Filing for an uncontested divorce can be done in person through the local clerk of court or through the Florida E-File Portal. First, prepare your divorce paperwork. Second, be sure you have filled out all required pleadings without exception (Financial Affidavits are often mandatory). Third, have the required documents notarized to ensure the court will accept your paperwork. Fourth, use the E-File Portal, hire an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando, or go to the courthouse to file with the clerk of family law court. If you want to hire an attorney to guide you through your uncontested divorce in Orlando FL, call us today at 407-335-8113.

4. How do I get a quick divorce in Florida?

Spouses can obtain a “quick” divorce in Florida by agreeing on all issues and by providing the court with the correct pleadings showing the agreements reached. This is called an uncontested divorce. Often, hiring an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando can make a significant difference in the time it takes to resolve your case.

5. Do I need to Appear in Court for my Uncontested Divorce?

In many jurisdictions (counties) in Central Florida, the judge will allow the parties to finalize their uncontested divorce without a court appearance. This depends on whether all issues are agreed upon, and whether there are any motions pending when the parties request approval of their proposed final judgment. As mentioned above, Lake and Seminole County often allow divorcing spouses to send in a proposal for finalizing a case without appearing before a judge and an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney can do this expertly.

Orlando Uncontested Divorce Attorney

A divorce attorney in Orlando can be enormously helpful in working with spouses seeking an uncontested divorce. The parties may work together to reach a marital settlement agreement that can resolve all outstanding issues. Jonathan Jacobs is an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando and all of Central Florida that helps clients amicably resolve their differences to enable them to obtain an uncontested divorce in Orlando FL.

An uncontested divorce may be granted by a Florida family law court when the parties are in agreement on ALL issues in their family law case. Often, the Petitioner may choose to hire an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney to prepare their pleadings. The pleadings a family lawyer will generally prepare or require their client to prepare include: 1. a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Affidavit, 2. a Marital Settlement Agreement, 3. a Financial Affidavit, 4. a Notice of Social Security Numbers, 5. a Civil Cover Sheet, and 6. a Notice of Confidential Filing Within Court File. An uncontested divorce does not always stay that way. Often, the parties agree at the beginning on the provisions of their divorce agreement, but change their minds based on the poor and contentious behavior amongst themselves. Your divorce does not need to stay uncontested, though the cost to the litigants is likely much less in legal fees if their divorce does not go the route of the courthouse, mediation, hearings, and or trial. An Orlando uncontested divorce attorney can help make divorce affordable.

As an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney, it has been our experience that there is at least one major issue that requires a great deal of massaging and compromise. That issue could be an award of alimony (whether it be lump sum or over a period of time), the awarding or partition of a marital home, or the splitting of other assets such as the couple’s cars or furniture. Skilled attorneys may offer suggestions on how to resolve these matters without prolonged court battles.

Hire an Orlando Uncontested Divorce Attorney

It is natural that a permanent separation after a period of years can bring the parties a great deal of stress, turmoil, or confusion. This is just another reason to hire an Orlando uncontested divorce attorney to be a negotiator and a sort of peacemaker between the parties in their case. Let’s be brutally honest. If the parties were able to compromise and agree on their personal issues, such as finances or child care, they likely would not have separated. This sort of difficulty can be helped by hiring a family law attorney that is a seasoned legal professional capable of understanding the situation and making every effort to continue with an amicable divorce. Minor children complicate divorce cases. Hire the Jacobs Law Firm as your Orlando uncontested divorce attorney and we will work tirelessly to resolve your case amicably. Call 407-335-8113 today to speak with your Orlando uncontested divorce attorney.

Jacobs Law Firm works with clients to achieve their goals as their uncontested divorce attorney in Marion County FL, uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando, uncontested divorce attorney in Osceola County, uncontested divorce in Seminole County, uncontested divorce attorney in Polk County, uncontested divorce attorney in Volusia County, uncontested divorce attorney in Brevard County, in Hillsborough County and uncontested divorce attorney in Lake County FL. Collaborative divorce is a form of amicable divorce.