Remarriage and Child Support in Florida

remarriage and child support in florida

Attorneys know the answer to your questions about remarriage and child support in Florida but clients often have serious doubts about their rights and obligations. The way Florida divorce and paternity courts calculate child support when you get remarried is not common knowledge. One reason this area of marital law is so obscure is the laws tend to be different in every state. A family law litigant that remarries may feel deep concern when their marital income goes up. Does this mean that child support and remarriage in Florida will put a difficult burden on you financially? Call the Jacobs Law Firm, at 407-335-8113, Divorce attorney in Orlando and Divorce attorney in Clermont for the help you need in calculating your financial obligations.

Child Support and Remarriage in Florida

Will remarriage make your child support obligation automatically increase? Should you consider waiting to get remarried to avoid an increase in your child support obligation? These are legitimate and frequently asked questions when clients visit their divorce attorney in Orlando or divorce attorney in Clermont FL. You should ask these questions because your financial future could be impacted.

child support and remarriage in Florida

If a payor (person that pays child support) remarries, the court does not add the incomes of both parties together for purposes of child support calculations. In some cases involving remarriage and child support in Florida, if the payor remarries and claims additional child tax credits as a result, or if the payor files his/her taxes jointly and earns additional tax breaks, this could impact his/her own income for child support calculations. Daycare expenses may continue to be a factor until the minor child(ren) are eligible to enter elementary school.

Alternatively with child support and remarriage in Florida, if the payee (recipient of child support) remarries and as a result has a lot more disposable income, this may be a factor the judge, magistrate, or hearing officer will factor in to child support calculations. The fact is that child support trials occur often and both sides seek to prove their case using every piece of evidence at their disposal.

Should You Consider Remarriage and Child Support in Florida Before Tying the Knot?

Because there is no absolute right on the part of the payee to receive an increase in their child support because their ex gets remarried, and because there is no absolute guarantee a payor will have his/her child support obligation increase as a consequence of remarriage and child support in our state, the question answers itself. Florida divorce courts do not have one absolute answer to your questions about remarriage and child support in Florida until you seek to litigate your case and obtain a judgment. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs helps clients throughout central Florida when they need to litigate.