Motion for Clarification Florida

Motion for Clarification Florida

When should you file a motion for clarification Florida? Consider the following situation: You have a parenting plan with your ex. You had a lawyer, and the other side had a lawyer. The lawyers made a parenting plan and the court ordered it. Now it is two years later. The parenting plan is confusing and ambiguous. You do not know 100% what your obligations are and what your ex is supposed to do. This may be the time for you to make a motion for clarification Florida. An Orlando divorce lawyer can help you make the decision to file or negotiate. Call 407-335-8113 to find out how you may obtain the court’s help with resolving issues in your divorce settlement.

Why do I need a Motion for Clarification?

Let’s be more specific about the scenario presented above. You have a parenting plan and you are reading it over. It says that you are entitled to “Reasonable Communication” with your daughter. Yet, when your ex is with your daughter, you are lucky to get 10 minutes on the phone during the other side’s timesharing. You are truly upset and want to know your daughter is safe, happy, and cared for. BUT, you cannot get your ex to give you more time with her and the parenting plan does not specify just what reasonable communication is. Make a motion for clarification and bring your issue before the judge.

What does a Motion for Clarification Florida Achieve?

If the court hears your motion for clarification Florida, you are asking the judge to hear your perspective on what reasonable communication (or any other part of your parenting plan) means. For instance, to you, reasonable may mean three 15 minute FaceTime or Skype talks while your child is with your ex. Or it might mean unlimited texting. Reasonable is not the easiest word to interpret and it is not specific. Therefore, a motion for clarification as asking the court to decide what the ambiguous or confusing parts of your parenting plan mean. The court will then order its interpretation to become part of your parenting plan to solve your lack of understanding.

Divorce Parenting Plan and Paternity Parenting Plan

A motion for clarification Florida can provide you with the relief your need in your child custody/timesharing case. Many parenting plans are too non-specific and cause a lot of confusion. Living with uncertainty when it involves your children can be emotionally and psychologically stressful and it is not great for anyone involved.

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