Jacobs Law Firm Clermont Florida Divorce and Family Law (Paternity)

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Jacobs Law Firm Clermont Florida represents many terrific clients throughout Lake County, Sumter County, Marion County, Hernando County, Orange County, Florida and the surrounding areas. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs enjoys helping people establish their parental rights and start their co-parenting in a meaningful and cooperative way. Forging quality co-parenting relationships is the bedrock of representing a child’s best interest and sharing parental responsibility. In addition to parenting, there are also many financial issues that must be addressed and decided in the context of your divorce or family law/paternity lawsuit. These financial matters may include the establishment of child support, and the equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities. Coming up with agreements is often done in an uncontested divorce and if necessary, in a contested action for dissolution of marriage at mediation or with a judge’s decisions at trial. Call Jacobs Law Firm Clermont at 407-335-8113 to speak with a family lawyer and divorce lawyer for the help you need.

Jacobs Law Firm Clermont Florida is unique in its approach to family and divorce cases. Our perspective is that a majority of cases should be resolved amicably. Financial issues often make litigation difficult. Concern over parenting styles adds an additional layer of difficulty. This is for a good reason. There are few things more important than our children and having the ability to provide for their needs and necessities. Uncontested divorces occur when the parties work together to resolve ALL of their parenting and financial issues and enter into agreements before a case is filed. Pre-litigating a case on a flat fee basis helps people save you money and allows for both the minor children and the parties to have more disposable funds for housing, education, and other related expenses.

Contested cases involve a great deal of financial disclosure, review of documents, and preparation. Hiring the Jacobs Law Firm Clermont means you will receive guidance and supervision over your mandatory disclosures. Litigation is stressful and can be confusing. We are here to represent you and protect your interests. Call 407-335-8113 today.