Collaborative Divorce Orlando Privacy

Have you heard of collaborative divorce? Divorce can never be painless. It does not have to be painful. There are alternatives to the traditional divorce model. The newest and most elegant method is collaborative divorce in Orlando. Collaborative divorce Orlando privacy is about customizing your dissolution of marriage on your terms. Your financial information should be your business, not the court’s and not open to public viewing. The goal for an Orlando collaborative divorce attorney is to resolve all of your issues in a team setting created for you. Orlando collaborative divorce is intrinsically designed to facilitate your best interests and your children’s best interests. When you are prepared to resolve all of your financial and parental issues outside of the courtroom, for an affordable and cost-effective price, and ensure the privacy of your financial and parental issues, call Jacobs Law Firm to speak. Speak with our collaborative divorce attorney Orlando Jonathan Jacobs. Learn how you can take matters into your own hands outside of court. Call 407-335-8113 today.

What is Collaborative Divorce Orlando Privacy?

Collaborative divorce in Orlando is an awesome alternative to battling your spouse in the courtroom. The process often begins with a phone call to your collaborative divorce attorney in Orlando. Since this is not a widely known type of divorce, we often inform our new clients there are options to fighting before the court. The first thing that people should know is this type of divorce is intended to give spouses the power to make decisions. With traditional divorce a case may go to trial 1-2 years after filing, and the judge will decide their financial distribution and their parenting schedule. People’s financial information may be available in their case file and will be presented to the court. With collaborative divorce Orlando privacy, you may be able to keep your finances private and out of the public eye.

With Orlando collaborative divorce, YOU decide. An entire team is created for you. Each spouse has an attorney (As your collaborative divorce attorney Orlando, we have an obligation to end our representation upon the completion of your case. This means we cannot litigate your case. Our representation is limited to your collaborative case.) and your attorneys will communicate your positions to the team. The team will work together (the very bedrock of collaborative divorce is working together), toward resolving all issues in your divorce. There are no winners or losers here. There are spouses working with the team to help ensure their transition to post-marital life will go smoothly. In addition to your collaborative divorce attorney in Orlando, your team will include at a minimum one mental health professional and an expert financial planner. Together we seek to provide you with an opportunity to divorce on your terms.

How Long Does Collaborative Divorce Take?

Your Orlando collaborative divorce attorney will aspire to facilitate a full resolution of your case within 6-8 months. This is generally a shorter amount of time than it would take for a traditional divorce case to reach the mediation stage. Along the way we will hold at least 3 full team meetings and several one-on-one meetings to ensure your thoughts and perspectives are voiced and recognized. After all, this process is about you, not about how a stranger (i.e. the judge) decides the distribution of your finances and allocation of parental rights.

Orlando collaborative divorce privacy can help you avoid many of the perils and pitfalls of traditional litigation. You can ensure your financial privacy, and work together toward a brighter future. Call 407-335-8113 today to speak with a collaborative divorce lawyer today.