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Collaborative divorce in Florida absolutely can work wonders for your family. Engaging in the collaborative process can provide amazing benefits the traditional contested divorce model simply is not designed to offer. Jonathan Jacobs is a collaborative divorce lawyer in Orlando that believes the process works for families. As a matter of course, collaborative divorce in Central Florida (Orlando, Clermont, Altamonte, Tavares, Kissimmee, Winter Park, etc.) is at its foundation, a voluntary process. Collaborative divorce professionals are a team assembled to help families/spouses through a difficult time in their life. The collaborative divorce process is intended to substitute itself for court litigation and can often have a cost far lower and more affordable than a litigated divorce. The process offers the benefit of relative financial privacy. One of the collaborative divorce professionals in nearly every case is a mental health neutral/professional. In tandem with the collaborative divorce attorneys in Central Florida, the mental health neutral helps ensure that your children are not used as pawns or go-betweens between feuding parents. When you and your spouse are ready to participate in the collaborative divorce process, we hope you will call Jacobs Law Firm to speak with a collaboratively trained collaborative divorce attorney in Orlando. Call 407-335-8113 today to speak with Attorney Jonathan Jacobs.

Collaborative Divorce in Florida

Our Orlando collaborative divorce lawyer knows that confidentiality is the bedrock of the collaborative divorce process. Many spouses recognize they have friends and family (including minor children) that may be better off not knowing the spouse’s personal finances and marital issues that are not always flattering. Along with the team of collaborative divorce professionals, your Orlando collaborative divorce attorney can help ensure your financial information is kept confidential with a document called a memorandum of understanding.

Collaborative divorce in Florida is about principles. Primarily, self-determination. If you and your spouse prefer to be the mutual winners of your divorce, and seek to avoid relentless conflict followed by a stranger deciding the terms of your financial and parental future, call collaborative divorce attorney in Orlando and talk about how the collaborative divorce process may be right for you.

Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative divorce in florida

In addition to hiring a collaborative divorce lawyer in Orlando, the collaborative divorce professionals include a mental health professional. The mental health professional is the catalyst that supports spouses emotionally and teaches them valuable communications skills. They will assist spouses with creating a parenting plan that is in the parents’ minds in the best interests of their children. Spouses engaging collaborative divorce in Florida will also hire a financial neutral whose contribution is to gather all financial information, inform the participants and encourage solutions to financial matters. All of information is provided voluntarily by the spouses and none of it is disclosed to the court or the public.

To ensure the process runs smoothly, your Orlando collaborative divorce attorney must commit not to represent you in future litigation. Our role will end when you terminate the collaborative divorce process or your whole case is resolved within the process. An Orlando collaborative divorce lawyer will tell you we are focused on post-divorce relationships. If collaborative divorce in Florida sounds right for you, call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113 and speak with Attorney Jonathan Jacobs about your circumstances. We are here to help.

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