Florida Postnuptial Agreement Attorney

Interested in hiring a Florida postnuptial agreement attorney? Are you carefully planning for your post-divorce finances? You can take the suspense out of the equation and resolve all of your equitable distribution (by fairly dividing financial assets and liabilities are a major part of a dissolution of marriage in Florida) before choosing to file for divorce. Hiring Jacobs Law Firm to draft your postnuptial agreement Florida may help you save time and money. Planning for your financial future and removing the uncertainty of months or years of divorce litigation may be your best option. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs is an Orlando postnuptial agreement attorney that works with clients on all aspects of preparing their Florida postnuptial agreement. Preparing for your future can make all the difference. Call 407-335-8113 today to schedule a consultation to start planning today.

A postnuptial agreement attorney Florida will first talk to you about why a Florida postnuptial agreement is important to you. Has something happened in your marriage that concerns you? Are you seeking to avoid a lengthy and expensive divorce? Or perhaps your marriage is working and you both are comfortable. Drafting an agreement can operate as a marital settlement agreement should a divorce occur. Having this as a backdrop may help ease tensions.

Orlando postnuptial agreement attorney

Your Orlando postnuptial agreement attorney will encourage you to participate in financial openness. There are certain financial disclosures that should be exchanged and carefully reviewed by your lawyer. A Florida postnuptial agreement is predicated on reasonable financial disclosures. Concealment is the wrong approach as that may lead to the invalidity of a postnuptial. Documents that both sides should exchange with each other and with their attorney may include: Bank Statements (checking and savings accounts), Retirement Statements, Loan Documents (car loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, etc.), Credit Card Statements, Property Deeds, Stock Portfolio Statements, Pay Stubs, Student Loan Debts, W2s, and any other asset or liability that may be pertinent to a party’s financial status.

Postnuptial Agreement Florida

There are certain minimum requirements, in addition to the disclosure of assets and liabilities, for a postnuptial agreement Florida to be rendered valid and enforceable. The agreement must not be the product of fraud, duress, coercion, or overreaching. Any agreement should be signed voluntarily and not under duress. The agreement should not be unconscionable in relation to the parties’ assets and liabilities. Furthermore, your document(s) must be signed by both parties, preferably be witnessed by two people, and ultimately, notarized.

Choosing to work with an Orlando postnuptial agreement attorney is an important decision. Perhaps your marriage has had ups and downs and twists and turns. Or maybe you believe the marriage is ready to be dissolved and prefer that your own terms are best honored without litigation. While drafting and executing a postnuptial agreement Florida is not a guarantee you will avoid a lengthy divorce, it is a measured response to marital troubles that may lead to divorce. Planning for the future is generally a smart choice to make. Call Jacobs Law Firm, Florida postnuptial agreement attorney today at 407-335-8113.