Uncontested Divorce Attorney Lake County FL

Uncontested divorce attorney Lake County FL

Uncontested divorce attorney Lake County FL Jonathan Jacobs provides affordable divorce services for clients in Orlando, Clermont, Tavares, Leesburg, Mount Dora, Eustis, Groveland, and all of Central Florida. The Jacobs Law Firm has helped many spouses resolve all of their financial and child custody issues without the need for lasting legal battles. The name of the game is saving money and avoiding serious disagreements that could have a lasting impact on your family’s finances and your ability to co-parent after divorce. Call Attorney Jonathan Jacobs today for the affordable uncontested divorce Lake County FL help you need at (407) 335-8113 or e-mail us at Admin@JJLawFl.com.

An Uncontested divorce attorney Lake County FL will begin by asking questions about your “assets and liabilities.” This is an important question even in a case where all issues are agreed on. After all, an uncontested divorce Lake County FL may begin with the assumption that litigation is necessary over the possessions you own, which is why a skilled family law attorney may provide reasonable solutions to help avoid further conflict. It is important to take inventory of the marital assets and liabilities and to plan for any award of alimony in a careful manner.

Lake County Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Explains Marital Assets and Liabilities

For example, the divorce court generally requires that all of your marital assets and liabilities be equitably distributed/divided. Your uncontested divorce attorney Lake County FL will need to draft a marital settlement agreement specifying which spouse is keeping or dividing specific marital and non-marital property. The marital settlement agreement must provide for the manner in which both parties are sharing or keeping their debts separate and sharing or dividing their assets.

uncontested divorce Lake County FL

Among the most common marital assets in an uncontested divorce are cars, houses/condos/townhomes, boats, 401Ks, retirement plans, life insurance policies, and more. Some of the most frequently listed liabilities are credit card debts, student loan debts, IRS tax debts, and mortgage debts. Florida family law courts require the parties fill out financial affidavits accompanying their marital settlement agreement. Your Lake County Uncontested Divorce Lawyer will review your financial affidavit (short form or long form) for accuracy and to ensure all the required columns and categories have been addressed. The financial affidavit is in part intended to identify for the court your assets and liabilities, and lay the groundwork for how they may be equitably distributed (meaning how the parties will fairly split their marital property, etc.)

Affordable Uncontested Divorce Attorney Lake County FL

When you are deciding whether to hire a divorce attorney to litigate your uncontested divorce Lake County FL, consider there may be a better way than to engage in a lengthy legal battle over your marital property. Call the Jacobs Law Firm to speak with Lake County Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Jonathan Jacobs at (407) 335-8113. You may save time and money that your family can use for far better things than litigation. Ask a best divorce attorney Lake County Florida how we can help you.

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