Florida Uncontested Divorce Process

Florida uncontested divorce process

The Florida uncontested divorce process generally involves less or no litigation, lower attorney fees, typically takes less time than a traditional contested divorce, and might not require you to appear in court. The process begins when our new client calls, e-mails or text messages our office. The Jacobs Law Firm, uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando, Uncontested divorce attorney in Seminole County, and all throughout Central Florida, will be happy to hear from you about your amicable divorce case. Our office may be reached at 407-335-8113 by phone or by text, and if you prefer to e-mail us about your family law matter please send your message to admin@jjlawfl.com.

The Florida uncontested divorce process with our firm begins when you fill out our client intake form to enable us to see the issues in your case. Some of the questions include: Do you have assets and/or liabilities/debts together as a married couple? Do you own or finance or lease cars or an apartment together? Do you own real property (houses, condos, townhomes, mobile homes, etc.) as a married couple? Do you have a prenuptial agreement in place? Beyond your assets and debts, do you have minor children together? Are you seeking to establish alimony?

The Uncontested Divorce Process in Florida How Does it Work?

Once we know the vital information about your case, we can begin drafting your pleadings (initial divorce papers required to be filed with the court when you are ready to start your case), make sure your spouse is willing to accept service, and begin negotiating a reasonable settlement to help your case remain amicable and uncontested. The uncontested divorce process in Florida can be labyrinthine without a divorce attorney guiding the way. We often provide reasonable solutions to foster compromise on important issues. When spouses are divorcing, it often occurs that compromise is tougher than usual. This is another reason hiring an uncontested divorce attorney in Osceola County Florida, or anywhere in Central Florida can make a real difference in the outcome of your divorce case.

When spouses have minor children, the uncontested divorce process in Florida must include a parenting plan, child support calculations, and the parties generally must provide a financial affidavit. While discovery may be limited in comparison with the general mandatory disclosures, most Florida family law courts require both parties to provide a financial affidavit. Child support is based on the parties’ incomes and expenses for the children. Divorce is a potentially long process.

Jacobs Law Firm works with clients to achieve their goals as their uncontested divorce attorney in Marion County FL, uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando, uncontested divorce attorney in Osceola County, uncontested divorce in Seminole County, uncontested divorce attorney in Polk County, and uncontested divorce attorney in Lake County FL.

The Florida uncontested divorce process does not need to take months or years and it does not have to be one filled with bickering. Uncontested divorces can offer a lot of relief to spouses that are preparing for financial changes in their post-marital life. Call Jonathan Jacobs, uncontested divorce attorney in Lake County Florida and all of Central Florida, for the help you need today. 407-335-8113.

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