Unlawful Detainer Attorney Lake County Florida

Unlawful Detainer Attorney Lake County Florida

Jonathan Jacobs is an Unlawful Detainer Attorney Lake County Florida helping clients get possession of their homes back in Clermont, Minneola, Tavares, Leesburg, Mount Dora, Howie-in-the Hills, Sorrento, Groveland, the Villages, and in all of Lake County Florida. An unlawful detainer case has certain minimum legal requirements you must meet to win in court. First, the defendant must not have a contract (lease) with you to stay at the residence (house, apartment, condo, etc.). Second, the defendant should not be able to show the court they are paying you rent or for your house payments. Third, you should be the sole owner or renter or an agent for an owner or renter to establish standing. While you do not have to, it is best to first revoke the defendant’s right to occupy your home before filing a lawsuit. A Lake County Unlawful Detainer Attorney will tell you how you may best resolve your case. You need to know that an unlawful detainer is NOT an eviction. A Lake County unlawful detainer a is an action for taking back your  home under certain specific circumstances. Call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113 today for a consultation.

How Does An Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit Work?

An Unlawful Detainer Attorney Lake County Florida will first ask about your situation. Your facts must demonstrate that filing an unlawful detainer action is right for you and can win in court. If your facts are not right for a Lake County unlawful detainer case, perhaps an action for eviction or ejectment will be more appropriate.

Once we have consulted with you, and our unlawful detainer attorney confirms that your case is appropriate for litigation, we will draft your legal paperwork and start the process. Because we have experience with unlawful detainer cases, we know what to file, where to file it, and can let you know upfront all of the expenses associated with this type of a case.  An unlawful detainer attorney Lake County Florida is here to help you recover what is yours. Unlawful detainer cases are a unique type of civil litigation lawsuit in county court.

Defenses Against Unlawful Detainer Claims

Many unlawful detainer cases will go to trial. The defendant may have valid defenses. For instance, they may have evidence of a lease contract. Or perhaps, they have paid you to live in your residence and have evidence of payment. Think carefully about the facts that the court will hear when your case goes before the judge.

Jonathan Jacobs of the Jacobs Law Firm is an Unlawful Detainer Attorney Lake County Florida that can help you with your unlawful detainer case quickly and efficiently. When you need our attorney services call today by dialing 407-335-8113. Call from anywhere in Clermont, Minneola, Groveland, Tavares, the Villages, Eustis, Mount Dora, or anywhere else in Lake County.

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