Unlawful Detainer Marion County Florida

marion county unlawful detainer

Looking to file an unlawful detainer Marion County Florida? The Marion County unlawful detainer process may be challenging but the end result in a majority of cases can be excellent. Unlawful detainer is a specific area of landlord-tenant and real estate law. The premise for this type of action is that you have someone in your home that is an unwanted and unlawful guest. The key word here is guest. This is not a renter, or a co-owner or a spouse. It is just a guest. Read on to find out more, and if you need an unlawful detainer attorney Marion County Florida, call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113. Hire us to litigate your case and take your home back in Ocala, Dunnellon, Silver Springs Shores, McIntosh, Belleview, Reddick, Fairfield and more!

An unlawful detainer Marion County Florida is about a key legal distinction. This person is not paying you regular rent. It is someone you may have invited, or who has just stumbled onto the property and refuses to leave. Sometimes law enforcement will provide help, but is many instances, even the police will let you know that the courts prefer you bring your complaint before the judge in county court. A judge will need to verify the facts of your case and make sure that your unlawful detainer attorney Marion County Florida has presented sufficient evidence and facts to make a proper argument for you Marion County unlawful detainer case. There can be many defenses in this kind of an action.

It is important that you choose a Marion County unlawful detainer attorney with knowledge of the nuances this type of legal action can bring to the forefront. Being a unique area of landlord-tenant law makes this kind of lawsuit challenging. To be successful you should hire counsel with experience and knowledge like the Jacobs Law Firm and Attorney Jonathan Jacobs.

Unlawful Detainer Attorney Marion County Florida

Unlawful Detainer Attorney Marion County Florida

Before you call or e-mail us about your situation, we ask that you verify just a few things for us. First, are you the owner or sole renter of the property? Is anyone paying you rent or mortgage payments? Do you have any history of co-ownership with the person you are seeking to remove from your property? An unlawful detainer Marion County Florida is a lawsuit that is brought by one or more plaintiffs for the removal of an unwanted guest unlawfully occupying your property. When you are ready to take your property back, call 407-335-8113 to speak with your Marion County unlawful detainer attorney.

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