Jacobs Law Firm offers current, former, and future clients the opportunity to retain our firm to create your child support guidelines worksheet(s). We use a sophisticated Florida child support calculator software that provides accurate and thorough calculations when you need to know the numbers. A program that provides a child support calculator Florida is a valuable tool for our Firm. We are able to help client’s forecast how much child support may be owed. This can include arrearages that a client may owe, or how much child support may be when a child ages out leaving younger siblings to be supported. While there are online child support calculator Florida sites, they may not necessarily account for all of the facts and nuances of your unique case. Every case is different. To make an accurate prediction, you must be prepared to (at a minimum) provide financial affidavits, health insurances estimates, and know the number of overnights the children spend with each parent. When you need to speak with a child support attorney to draft your child support guidelines worksheet and help you make sense of your family case, call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113.

Florida Child Support Calculator software can account for various scenarios. You may have young children involving daycare expenses, or one child that is close to turning 18 and graduating from high school. This allows for step down child support guidelines worksheet numbers to be provided. You may need to use a child support calculator Florida because one of the parties is on disability or there may be derivative benefits being sent to the children through social security. The online sites will likely not offer visitors the clarity they need when the circumstances of their case present a distinct factual scenario.

child support guidelines worksheet

As a Firm that offers child support calculator Florida analyses, we are able to work with clients involves in divorce and paternity lawsuits. Specifically, clients may need a Florida child support calculator because of the possibility they will have to pay months or years’ worth of arrearages on account of not having seen the minor children. This can be a tricky situation. The payor (parent paying child support) may have had no overnights prior to filing their divorce or paternity case, and this may have changed recently. There may need to be at least two child support guidelines worksheets produced to provide an accurate numerical balancing. Furthermore, the child tax credit can change calculations and two separate worksheets may be needed.

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