Long Distance Parenting Plan Florida, Relocation Parenting Plan Florida

Long Distance Parenting Plan Florida

Are you looking to relocate with your minor child during or after a divorce or a family law/paternity lawsuit? If your answer is yes, you may need to draft a long distance parenting plan Florida, also known as a relocation parenting plan Florida. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs specializes in Relocation cases involving minor children. Let’s go back one step to make sure you need this type of a parenting plan. Do you know what relocation with a minor child is and what the technical requirements are when petitioning the court? A long distance parenting plan is generally necessary when one parent relocates more than 50 miles from their current address for a period of 60 days or more. may or may not be right for you. Call the Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113 to find out the information you need to litigate your relocation case.

According to Florida Statute 61.13001, Relocation means “a change in the location of the principal residence of a parent or other person from his or her principal place of residence at the time of the last order establishing or modifying time-sharing, or at the time of filing the pending action to establish or modify time-sharing. The change of location must be at least 50 miles from that residence, and for at least 60 consecutive days not including a temporary absence from the principal residence for purposes of vacation, education, or the provision of health care for the child.” In the words of my brother David, “say what?” Well, the Relocation Statute is quite clear, but only if you have legal experience litigating relocation cases. If you or your former spouse or partner are moving more than 50 miles (“straight as the crow flies”) from your principal house/apartment for a period of MORE than 60 days with no intent to return there, you must obtain a court order, or mutual agreement between BOTH parents. In both instances, you will need to draft a long distance parenting plan Florida, also known as a relocation parenting plan Florida, for court approval. Simply filing a parenting plan is generally not enough. You should seek to obtain a Judge’s approval of your long distance parenting plan for infant.

Relocation Parenting Plan Florida

Tips on Long Distance Parenting Plan For Infant

Here are four tips I recommend to both clients and opposing counsel when creating a long distance parenting plan for infant (s) in Florida:

  • Be SPECIFIC. Do not leave any portion ambiguous. The parties are a long distance away and communication is vital.
  • Specify your travel arrangements and who is going to pay.
  • Make sure you specify a time when and how you will contact your child.
  • Ensure that your vacation timesharing offers both families time with the child. Be fair and reasonable.
Long Distance Parenting Plan for Infant

Relocation Parenting Plan Florida

Ultimately, when you are relocating with a minor child, a lot of changes need to be made. Adjusting to a new career and new city can be tough on a parent. Taking care of a minor child while going through so many changes is not easy. This should encourage the relocating parent to allow for timesharing with the non-relocating parent (provided the non-relocating parent wants to see the child). Children benefit from spending time with both parents, and the parents benefit just as much in so many ways.

Jonathan Jacobs is a Relocation Attorney Orlando who can help his clients create a Long Distance Parenting Plan Florida, or a Relocation Parenting Plan Florida.). When you are considering relocation with a minor child, call the Jacobs Law Firm, divorce attorney in Orlando, divorce attorney in Clermont FL for help with timesharing and child custody cases..

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