Equitable Distribution Worksheet Florida

Equitable Distribution Worksheet Florida

This article is about drafting a Florida equitable distribution worksheet. Divorce in Florida can present difficult and legally challenging issues. As such, among the most important aspects of dissolution of marriage is determining how to EQUITABLY divide your assets and liabilities accrued before, during and after marriage and separation. A helpful and often vital step Jacobs Law Firm performs for many clients is drafting an equitable distribution worksheet in Florida. A Florida family law equitable distribution worksheet can clarify the financial portrait of both parties and lay out the arguments for which spouse should prevail and in what way(s). Call us at 407-335-8113 to speak with Attorney Jacobs about your equitable distribution spreadsheet and how it can be enhanced and improved.

The Florida family courts apply an equitable distribution standard. This ED scheme (the basis of your equitable distribution spreadsheet in Florida) is a method the courts apply to determine equitable property division in a divorce. As such, an equitable distribution worksheet Florida is a document that lists all of the assets and debts accrued before, during and after the marriage, along with their current value. Current values are sometimes best determined through the hiring of appraisers or expert witnesses. The Florida equitable distribution worksheet is used to lay out clearly the parties’ financial arguments. Your Orlando divorce attorney will calculate how to divide the assets and debts in a fair and equitable manner the court will approve.

There are multiple benefits to using a Florida family law equitable distribution worksheet to predict or enhance the outcome of a divorce. First, the spreadsheet can help to ensure that the assets and debts are divided in a fair and equitable manner. This can help to avoid disputes and disagreements between the parties, which can prolong the divorce process and increase the cost. Prior to drafting the spreadsheet, we will need to have mandatory disclosures complete. This way, we will have information such as property values, mortgage balances, and the amounts of your liabilities. The spreadsheet is used to calculate the value of each asset and debt and to determine how they should be divided between the two parties.

An equitable distribution spreadsheet in Florida can help to identify any assets or debts that may have been overlooked or forgotten. Perhaps there is a student loan outstanding, or a car note the parties wished they had forgotten. This can be particularly useful in cases where one party may have been hiding assets or debts in order to keep them out of the divorce settlement.

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