Fathers Rights Attorney Orlando

Clients often search for a best Fathers Rights Attorney in Orlando hoping to find out about dads rights in Florida. An unmarried father’s parental rights are not always as clear as people think. If you need to consult with a paternity attorney in Orlando, call us at 407-335-8113. We offer consultations for new clients to help us understand your case and let you know how we may help fathers establish their parental rights. The fact is that in Florida, when a child is born to two parents that are not married to each other, the mother of the child has more custodial / timesharing rights over the child than the father. Call the Jacobs Law Firm, Orlando fathers rights attorney, today to speak with a paternity attorney today. Fight to secure your rights because they are not automatically conferred. Jacobs Family Law Firm also litigates paternity lawsuits in Hillsborough County (Tampa), Seminole County (Sanford), Osceola County (Kissimmee), Brevard County (Melbourne), Marion County (Ocala), Lake County (Tavares), Polk County (Bartow), Volusia County (DeLand) and more.

Orlando Fathers Rights Attorney

Orlando fathers rights attorney

Dads rights in Florida are largely based on whether there has been an adjudication of paternity. What is an adjudication of paternity? It is a court order based on mutual agreement, or on a positive result of a scientific genetic DNA test determining the father is the natural and biological father of the minor child in question. Fathers rights in Orlando, Tavares, Sanford, Kissimmee, or anywhere else in Florida may be secured through filing a lawsuit against the mother of the minor child. You may wish to speak with a fathers rights attorney in Orlando to determine the best way to establish paternity and secure custodial rights over your son or daughter.

How to Secure Parental Rights

An Orlando fathers rights attorney will likely advise you that dads’ rights in Florida are extremely limited until a family law circuit court has ruled you are the father of the child and a parenting plan has been judicially approved and entered into the court file. A father in Florida may secure his parental rights by filing a petition to establish paternity and for other related relief. This petition will allege that the putative father is the natural and biological father of the minor child. The petitioner must allege the father engaged in sexual intercourse with the mother near the time the child was conceived. A failure to plead properly may result in your case being dismissed. Call an Orlando fathers rights attorney today to establish your parental rights.

Dads Rights In Florida

Often, your fathers rights attorney in Orlando will recommend you file a motion for scientific DNA testing to accompany your paternity petition. If there is no doubt about the identity of the parents and both parties admit the petitioner or respondent is the natural and biological father of the minor child, then scientific DNA testing may be avoided. Nevertheless, to avoid uncertainty, many parties choose to take the test for a determination.

Dads Rights In Florida Need to Be Judicially Secured

It may seem unfair that dads rights in Florida are rather limited, but this is largely a factor of the impermanence of relationships and the often transient nature of romantic endeavors. Dads may begin seeing their child once they have filed their case. Many counties such as Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County and Polk County strongly encourage shared parenting and frown upon a mother prohibiting the father from seeing his child. Hiring a best Fathers Rights Attorney in Orlando to provide you with information, expert help, and some understanding during a difficult time in your family‘s life could be among the best decisions you will ever make. Call the Jacobs Law Firm today at 407-335-8113 for the help and guidance you truly need with your paternity lawsuit.