Florida Child Support Daycare Expenses

florida child support daycare expenses

Florida child support daycare expenses can be a contested issue in your divorce or paternity case. Let’s assume you are getting a divorce, or you are involved in a paternity lawsuit. You have engaged in a settlement conference, or you have undergone mediation or a hearing on timesharing and child custody. This means you have likely negotiated or litigated a timesharing/parenting plan in the best interests of your child. The next major issue to work out is how much either parent will pay for child support. A major shock to many payors (a payor is the person paying child support) is that Florida’s child support guidelines include daycare as part of child support calculations. Clients often wonder how to prove childcare expenses for child support such as healthcare and daycare expenses. Evidence is critical to winning this issue. When you need advice about Florida child support daycare expenses, call Orlando child support Attorney Jonathan Jacobs.

How To Prove Child Care Expenses For Child Support

Childcare expenses for child support may include transportation costs, healthcare premium payments, and daycare expenses. How to prove childcare expenses for child support is an issue your attorney may talk about with you. One way to prove health care expenses for your child is by analyzing your pay stubs to determine monthly premium payments. Another way to go about proving your healthcare expenses is by contacting your human resources department for the numbers you need. There may be some basic math calculations involved. Child support calculations are impacted by health care expenses for the children.

how to prove childcare expenses for child support

Meanwhile, Florida child support daycare expenses can be evidenced by asking your child’s daycare for printouts of receipts of your payments. Also, many daycare facilities require direct deposit payments. This means that your bank statements may be one answer in how to prove childcare expenses for child support calculations. Do not be afraid to ask your child’s daycare director for these records. May people go through litigation over timesharing and daycare staff are well aware of the necessity of providing printouts of your payments.

Should You Request to Pay Florida Child Support Daycare Expenses?

Sometimes clients will ask us if they should be the primary payor of daycare to make sure the child support calculations are in their favor. First, the answer depends on whether you are already paying for daycare or whether your former spouse or partner is paying the expenses. Second, this depends on your share of responsibility for childcare expenses. Further, there is no guarantee a court will award one parent the privilege of paying daycare expenses. Daycare is a costly expenses that allows many hard-working people to go to work every day with the knowledge that their children will be safe and protected and will learn during the day.

Jonathan Jacobs is an Orlando child support attorney that can help you understand and litigate Florida child support daycare expenses and can guide you in how to prove childcare expenses for child support purposes in your divorce or family law case.