What Happens After Mediation for Custody in Florida

What Happens After Mediation for Custody in Florida

Mediation has failed on most issues in your family law or divorce case, or mediation has failed altogether on all issues. If the parties cannot agree on anything, neither a parenting plan and the corresponding child support calculations, or the equitable distribution of marital property, the mediator will declare an impasse (inability to agree on issues). This is when clients understandably want to know what happens after mediation for custody in Florida? An Orlando Mediation Attorney can answer this question for you when you call for a consultation. Call our office line today (407) 335-8113 to learn how we may help you resolve your case before trial.

Three Possible Outcomes to Explain What Happens After Mediation for Custody in Florida Has Failed

Once mediation has completely “failed,” meaning the parties are unable to agree on any issue, there are several paths forward. Three paths that frequently occur and answer what happens after mediation for custody in Florida, are as follows: First, either party may declare to the court that the case is ready for trial, provided there are no outstanding motions (to compel, for contempt, for temporary relief, etc.). Second, either party and their Orlando Mediation Attorney may file a motion for temporary timesharing relief. On account of the fact that in many family law and divorce cases, one party has total or majority custody of the children and the other party is seeking to obtain additional timesharing with the kids, that is the party that generally files for temporary relief. This is actually an incentive for the parties to agree on some issues at mediation. Even a temporary mediated settlement agreement is a step forward in most cases. Agreeing on something can lead to bridge-building. An olive branch may lead to an Olive Garden (not necessarily to a family dinner, but you get the analogy). Third, it is often the case that one or both parties are unable to afford additional Orlando Mediation Attorney fees, or decide not to continue the legal battle for other reasons (such as its impact on the children), and this leads to many cases being left open indefinitely until dismissed by the court, sent to the General Magistrate, or otherwise.

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