Florida Divorce Papers

Florida Divorce Papers are available both from law firms such as ours, the Jacobs Law Firm, and from the Florida Supreme Court. Florida Courts offers Florida Supreme Court authorized generic Florida divorce papers online. From a legal perspective, it is better to consult with a divorce attorney or a paternity attorney before filing with a family law court to ensure accuracy and that both parties are protected. It is best to hire an attorney to ensure your pleadings, specifically your Marital Settlement Agreement, parenting plan, and Final Judgment are written properly. Get a free case evaluation!

If your Florida divorce papers are not drafted properly, a family law judge may reject your request for a final hearing, and may require the parties re-write their papers, or add additional documents that the parties did not know were necessary. This will cost you additional time and money, and perhaps cause a larger controversy in your case. You should consider limiting the potential for future litigation in your family law case.

While the free Florida divorce papers online may appear to cover everything you need, generally only attorneys are experienced enough to know what your unique case may need. Attorneys learn about your unique situation and match Florida divorce laws to your facts to make sure your divorce is handled properly. A divorce attorney will know how to phrase your specific needs and requirements and how best to ensure both parties are protected in case there is a dispute as to the meaning of the marital settlement agreement, parenting plan, and final judgment. These documents should be as specific as possible to avoid additional litigation.

Florida Divorce Papers Online

Hiring an attorney to draft and or review your Florida divorce papers will save you time, money, and help to ensure that your dissolution of marriage is granted. Filling out generic Florida divorce papers online may appear to be a reasonable solution for some litigants, but standardized forms cannot account for all unique divorce cases where the parties have assets and liabilities to equitably divide, property to split, child support and alimony calculations that need to be made.

Attorney Jonathan Jacobs is a divorce attorney Orlando and a divorce attorney Clermont Florida that practices divorce and family law. Among our practice areas is relocation with minor children, same sex divorce, child custody, child support, and alimony law. When you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to prepare your Florida divorce papers accurately and for a reasonable cost, call the Jacobs Law Firm for the help you need.