Name Change Florida | Name Change in Florida after Divorce

Name Change in Florida After Divorce

Clients often contact us to ask about a name change Florida, or about obtaining a name change in Florida after divorce. Generally, the first step to changing your name is to file a petition with the local family law circuit court. Let’s discuss a name change in Orange County Florida as a helpful example. Call the Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113 to speak with a family lawyer today about your legal questions and concerns.

Two parties are divorcing in Orange County Florida. As part of the marital settlement agreement reached at mediation, the Wife is asking the court to restore her maiden/former/premarital name. This should ordinarily be asked for in the petition for dissolution of marriage or in the counterpetition. If a name change was not plead for originally, the pleadings may need to be amended and a name change affidavit may be required. If the case is resolved without a trial, the party asking for a name change in Florida after divorce will generally appear before the court to confirm the request.

How to Obtain a Name Change in Florida After Divorce

If the matter is going to a family law trial before the judge, the pretrial statement should indicate the party’s desire to restore their former name or undergo a name change to something different. If it is a minor child seeking a change, there is a more complex process that needs to be followed and will be addressed in a separate article. As part of the trial, the moving party (the party asking for the name change) will likely take a few moments of testimony on the subject to alert the court as to her request. Child support should not be impacted.

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Name Change Florida

Provided the court grants your name change in Florida after divorce, the process does not necessarily end with the judgment. Rather, the process will likely continue as you change your name in official government records. Having a certified copy of your final judgment demonstrating the court’s approval of your change will be a prerequisite for the DMV, Bureau of Vital Statistics, and other governmental agencies to officially change your name on everyday documents.

A divorce decree from the local clerk’s office will cost a fair amount of money. You may wish to obtain several copies and store one copy in a safety deposit box or home safe or otherwise.

If you need to hire an attorney to obtain a name change in Florida after divorce, call the Jacobs Law Firm, divorce attorney Orlando, divorce attorney Clermont Florida.