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As a Florida online divorce attorney, we realize many of you have been planning to start your divorce with the money that you were going to receive from your tax return and/or stimulus check. However, even with that money that you can’t visit a law firm in person because of Covid-19. The traditional method is for clients to interact face-to-face with their attorney to make sure they work well together and have a mutual understanding about the unique needs of both sides. With the Coronavirus causing closures and shutdowns all over Florida, the Jacobs Law Firm offers an alternative to in-person law office visits. We offer Florida online divorce attorney services where you may fill out paperwork online, notarize remotely and have virtual visits with us. Call or text message 407-335-8113 to schedule your appointment today. Covid-19, quarantining, and social distancing have shaped the world into welcoming a new normal that may include an online divorce in Florida. In today’s pandemic world, everyone is trying to learn how to navigate safely and smartly. The legal field is no exception as lawyers, judges, and the courts have changed the way they do business to protect the public. The divorce that you have needed since the beginning of stay at home orders and quarantines, may now be able to happen without a court appearance. Your divorce in many counties may be handled online/virtually in terms of files, documents, and negotiations. If you are seeking an online divorce attorney Florida, e-mail, message, or call the Jacobs Law Firm divorce attorney in Orlando at Admin@jjlawfl.com or 407-335-8113.

An affordable online divorce in Florida will start in the same way that a conventional divorce will. First, we will file your petition for dissolution of marriage through the local clerk of court for your county (Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Polk, Lake, etc.). An online divorce attorney Florida will be able to prepare your pleadings and documents such as the petition for dissolution of marriage, child custody affidavit, notice of social security numbers, child support guidelines, and more depending on the unique facts your case presents. Your attorney will also need to be able to prepare to litigate your case in the event that your divorce is contested virtually through the court system by Zoom mediation, Microsoft Teams, Court Call, or otherwise.

We offer affordable Florida online divorce attorney services to help you complete a divorce with the least amount of printing and scanning possible. Thanks to the extraordinary advances in technology in the past few years you can do just about everything online, especially talking to your divorce lawyer. We use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Duo, WhatsApp and a variety of other platforms so that you can schedule a virtual visit with an attorney.

In a virtual visit, we can get an idea about what you want to have done with your case and what obstacles you may face with negotiating a marital settlement agreement and parenting plan. As your affordable Florida online divorce attorney, we can explain your options and give you clarity based on your finances, the number of children that you have, and the property that you and your spouse share.

By virtual visit, it isn’t just a phone call with someone you can’t even put a face to. A virtual visit allows you to see the person that you are talking to and watch to see if it is someone you can trust the future of your finances, children, and property to. Picking an attorney is like picking a house, you need to find the right person for you so that 5 years down the line you don’t have to worry about the consequences and detriment you caused your life.

For instance, you may prefer to have an early mediation to avoid further conflict and to resolve your financial and parental issues without court intervention from the judge assigned to your case. For the mediation, you will most likely be on a Zoom call with your attorney, your spouse, their attorney, and the mediator. For a little bit of a friendly distraction, the mediator may utilize a special background to give the ambiance of the courthouse or a law office. Before Covid-19, this process looked quite different. You may have been in the same room with your attorney, your soon to be ex-spouse, their legal counsel, and the mediator. The mediation and the negotiations along with it similar, though the dynamic of being in separate locations altogether may cause some unpredictability. No matter where the mediation occurs, your online divorce attorney Florida should to be well-versed in the facts of your case, your preferences, and how to utilize technology to best resolve your case. 

If you are looking for the right attorney for you, then call Attorney Jacobs at the Jacobs Law Firm, LLC. He can schedule a virtual visit with you to help you plan the first steps in starting the divorce process for you and your family. Meet someone face to face the safest way possible.

Florida online divorce attorney Jonathan Jacobs of the Jacobs Law Firm, offers divorce, paternity, and family law representation to clients across the Central Florida area. Often, clients choose a Florida online divorce lawyer to save on cost. Let’s face it, divorce and paternity lawsuits can be expensive, and that often prevents people who need to hire a lawyer from being able to retain an experienced advocate to protect their rights. Choosing to get an online divorce in Florida generally implies the divorce is uncontested. This means that both parties are in agreement on all issues from child support to timesharing to alimony to the division of their property. An uncontested divorce in Florida does not require major litigation. Call to speak with an online divorce attorney today 407-335-8113 or e-mail us for a free initial consultation.

Online Divorce in Florida

An online divorce in Florida is not available for clients in every jurisdiction. It depends on whether a specific judge allows for the litigants to have an uncontested divorce without a court hearing. Generally, if the jurisdiction allows this, your attorney will provide the Court with your divorce paperwork through filing online. When a judge in Central Florida does offer an online divorce in Florida, Attorney Jacobs can assist you in getting divorced within approximately 2-3 weeks after submitting your documents to the court/judge. It takes 1-5 days for the clerk of court to verify and process your paperwork, and then there is a mandatory (Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure) waiting period after filing your paperwork, for the court/judge to be able to grant your final judgment of dissolution of marriage.

Does a Florida Online Divorce Require a Hearing?

If your uncontested divorce necessitates a hearing, Florida online divorce attorney Jacobs will schedule and attend the final hearing for/with you. The final hearing itself lasts for only a few minutes, and it is more of a formality than a substantive hearing. Even so, Attorney Jacobs may need to wait for an hour or two with you while the court/judge entertains emergency matters from other cases, before calling us before the court for our proceeding. During this time, Florida online divorce attorney Jonathan Jacobs will again explain as much about Florida divorce law as possible to help you understand your rights and responsibilities after the divorce is granted.

How Does a Florida Online Divorce Work?

Our first step in an is for you to fill out the required client questionnaire. This information will be kept strictly confidential except for purposes of providing the court with your information in mandatory court documents. Our client questionnaire is designed to get from you ALL of the information we may need to write your divorce documents and submit them to the court/judge.

Step two is for Florida online divorce lawyer Jacobs to review your answers and information, after which he will draft your paperwork, ask you any questions that may help your case, and then speak with you in depth about your expectations and requirements.

Step three is for us to do a final review of your documents to ensure they are accurate and truthful. The court requires honesty and transparency in dissolution of marriage proceedings.

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Advantages of Hiring a Florida Online Divorce Attorney

Here are five advantages of hiring a Florida online divorce attorney:

  1. You may talk to your attorney by instant messenger, videoconference, by phone, or text.
  2. You are hiring an expert online divorce attorney.
  3. Your dissolution will likely go more smoothly and will be done properly.
  4. Your attorney will handle most of the process on your behalf.
  5. You can spend your time worrying about your life after divorce rather than about your divorce itself.

Jonathan Jacobs, Esq. is a Florida Online Divorce Attorney representing clients in all of Central Florida. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs, managing partner with the Jacobs Law Firm, PLLC is ready to help you navigate your online divorce in Florida. Attorney Jacobs represents clients through the Central Florida area including Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County, and Lake County. Call or email us to schedule a consultation today 407-335-8113.