Coronavirus and Divorce in Florida

Coronavirus and Divorce in Florida

You are locked away (in a manner of speaking) with your spouse for weeks. There are shortages of toilet paper, food, and mostly, shortages of patience. This is the reality of coronavirus and divorce in Florida, also known as Covid-19. If you were already experiencing marital discord (arguments, disagreements, financial woes, etc.) being isolated with your spouse might exacerbate that situation. During times of a pandemic there is some degree of mass panic that may cause an elevation in stress levels. Thus far, although many Florida courts have cancelled in person appearances, attorneys such as divorce attorneys and family law attorneys may still file divorce and paternity pleadings. Call the Jacobs Law Firm, offices Winter Park and Clermont Florida for the help and guidance you need at 407-335-8113, for uncontested divorce in Florida or contested divorce representation.

Coronavirus and Divorce in Florida

Florida already has a higher than average divorce rate as compared with national statistics. Coronavirus and divorce in Florida may elevate that number. What we know is that we are temporarily, though indefinitely, in a state of national emergency. Stores are largely empty on certain essentials such as toilet paper, hand sanitizers, soaps, bleach, and bottled water. There is a measure of panic out there. Being married is stressful at times, but when we factor in the reality of the impact on businesses and cuts in hours due to non-essential employees being in some instances asked to stay at home, marriages may suffer serious financial hardships. Mortgages may go unpaid, and other bills may go unpaid raising the amounts due. This is serious and is an unfortunate reality. Whether we blame another nation for the outbreak, or our government, or out media for hyping the impact of the virus, the fact remains that even sports and large events are cancelled. It feels like society is at a standstill for a month or longer.

Coronavirus and divorce in Florida go hand-in-hand because marital problems may worsen during times of high tension and stress. If spouses have children, the kids need to be provided for now more than ever. Many schools are closing, leaving kids at home, and requiring one of the parents stay at home to supervise then. This may lead to disputes over whose job is more important and which parent should make the sacrifice of staying at home. Hopefully, employers will recognize this and understand this essential need that families have. Nevertheless, there are many potential stressors that could factor into marriages becoming irretrievably broken.

Ideally, the coronavirus and divorce in Florida will in fact lead to more time together, and closer and more strong bonds with family. Perhaps having a stay-cation with one’s family will help communications get better and will allow for some rare, but well-needed rest and relaxation. There can be an upside to all of this hullabaloo.

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