Landlord Tenant Lawyer in Orlando

Landlord Tenant Lawyer in Orlando

Landlord tenant law is an area of law that involves a great deal of controversy and bitterness between the litigants. Let’s analyze the perspectives of both parties, the landlord and the tenant, in order to gain a deeper understanding of some of the issues involved in a housing dispute.  Included is a hypothetical landlord-tenant scenario to create a framework for this discussion of what the parties often fight about in these situations. If you need help with your lease, your eviction case, or any kind of a landlord-tenant legal issue, contact Attorney Jonathan Jacobs who is a landlord tenant lawyer in Orlando, and a landlord tenant lawyer in Clermont FL. We only litigate unlawful detainer lawsuits in Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford, Tavares, and Ocala. We are not accepting any other new civil litigation claims at this time. Call 407-335-8113 for your unlawful detainer case today.

Hypothetical Landlord Tenant Dispute: Plaintiff/Landlord v. Defendant/Tenant

By way of hypothetical example, a landlord sues a tenant. First, we will present the hypothetical landlord’s point of view. As an law firm, we seek to understand both sides of the argument to help our clients win their cases. In this hypo, the landlord wants to sell his condominium because the value has gone up significantly in a short period of time. In his mind, the tenant has been nothing but a complainer, and too much trouble to be worth renting their home to. The landlord tells her landlord tenant lawyer in Orlando that her tenant has shown little appreciation for the maintenance of the property, and regardless, his/her lease will not be renewed the coming year. Knowing this information, why not try to compel the tenant to leave voluntarily, or at least plan for the next tenant or next step with/for the home?

From the landlord’s viewpoint, the tenant has become at best a minor nuisance, at worst a tenant with whom they cannot reason with. The tenant has text messaged and called dozens of times to demand repairs for the A/C, a leaky faucet, an electrical outlet that does not work properly, a door has become unhinged, etc. The list could go on ranging from serious repair problems to more ordinary household wear and tear (reasonable daily maintenance). Perhaps these are perfectly reasonable issues that need to be addressed to ensure the habitability of the residence and the comfort of the renters. Then again, the landlord might not believe that those repairs are his/her responsibility. This is why reading, reviewing, and understanding your renter’s contract is of the utmost importance.

There are frequently differing opinions as to the meaning of a lease agreement/contract. Ultimately, the landlord prefers that the tenant move out immediately. This may involve the landlord filing for eviction. Eviction can be done if the renter fails to pay rent in a timely manner, if the renter has damaged the property in a significant manner, or if the renter has refused the landlord access to repair serious damage to the property. Whether there is legitimate cause for such a lawsuit and verdict of eviction, is another matter entirely. Eviction is a fact specific issue. Call a landlord tenant lawyer in Orlando or a landlord tenant lawyer in Clermont FL to learn whether you have a viable case that can be brought to the court’s attention with the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Landlord Tenant Lawyer in Orlando: Tenant’s Point of View

In our hypothetical landlord-tenant dispute, let’s shed some light on the tenant/renter’s point of view. The tenant tells his landlord tenant lawyer in Orlando he has felt ignored and neglected by the landlord. He/she has brought to the landlord’s attention the fact that a licensed handyman, or a plumber, or some other qualified repair person needs to come fix several areas in/of the residence. The tenant has a sense of urgency about the completion of the repairs because he/she lives there with young children. The tenant wants to ensure their comfort and safety, but their inability to get the landlord to pay attention to their very real problems may cause a feeling of helplessness. Perhaps, because of the landlord’s inattentiveness, this renter believes they do not owe the full amount of the rent until repairs are made. This renter withholds rent and continues to send messages requesting that certain things be fixed. Tensions build with unpaid rent, unfixed areas of the residence, and varying interpretations of who is to blame. This is when the parties may seek to hire a landlord tenant lawyer in Orlando.

Civil litigation often involves a lot of money that you may be liable for or are trying to collect from someone. The best practice with the likeliest outcome of success is to hire an attorney who is trained to help you recover or defend against someone seeking to dispossess you of your home and your money.

Landlord Tenant Lawyer in Clermont FL

In another article, concerning mold exposure in a Florida apartment residence, I will explore the potential remedies both parties may have in their pursuit of meeting their demands and ensuring the health and welfare of the occupant(s). The best outcome is when landlords and tenants recognize there either is an issue, or an issue could develop if the parties remain at loggerheads, and consequently the parties work out their differences amicably. Both parties likely will need an attorney to present their arguments and to act as the voices of reason. Have you ever heard of an unlawful detainer lawsuit?

For more information please see Florida law Chapter 83 which governs landlord-tenant lawsuits. A landlord tenant lawyer can clarify any hard-to-understand provisions for you. Visit our Eviction homepage or our Landlord-Tenant homepage for more information. Landlord tenant disputes often arise in small claims court. We offer a small claims lawyer in Orlando, and a landlord tenant lawyer in Clermont FL should you want us there by your side.

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