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Rehabilitative Alimony Clermont

In deciding whether to award Florida rehabilitative alimony, family law and divorce courts make factual findings that follow the alimony Statute in Florida. Courts often require the moving party (party asking to receive alimony) to produce a Florida rehabilitative alimony plan. This proposed plan should lay out the steps for the rehabilitation of the party that needs training and education, and financial support from the payor (person paying). The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is for the payee to get back on their feet after being in a marital relationship in which their contributions to the marriage (homemaking, children) may have prevented them from developing career training and contemporary job skills in our currently competitive marketplace of/for jobs. If you are seeking a divorce or family law attorney to litigate your Florida rehabilitative alimony case, call the Jacobs Law Firm today about your divorce or family law case, 407-335-8113.

The legal phrasing that the State of Florida utilizes for rehabilitative alimony Clermont or rehabilitative alimony Orlando is the ability to be “self-supportive.” Most people prefer to be self-supportive. They recognize the need to be able to provide for themselves, particularly when the financial security they once enjoyed is no longer available, such as in the case of a marital dissolution after a period of years of support. This brings us to the Florida rehabilitative alimony plan, and at least a general idea of how that operates, knowing that all cases are different and fact-specific.

Ā Rehabilitative Alimony Clermont

Florida Rehabilitative Alimony Plan

The court will not order rehabilitative alimony unless there is a particularized Florida rehabilitative alimony plan. To establish the needing party’s ability to be self-supportive, a plan allows for the renewal and redevelopment of job and career skills that the party once possessed. If the party did not work at any time, other arrangements will be made to accommodate even entry-level skills development.

The plan also includes, as you might have just wondered after reading the first part, the opportunity to obtain an education to refresh, refurbish, or acquire the skills necessary to participate in the workforce in a meaningful manner. Modifying alimony is a challenging thing to do from a legal perspective.

Florida Rehabilitative Alimony Plan

Unlike bridge the gap alimony, Florida rehabilitative alimony may be changed or ended if there is either the noncompliance (refusal to participate or choice to ignore the plan) of the needing party, or a substantial change in circumstances. A substantial change in circumstances is legal terminology, which in this case can mean the party has found a good job already. Or, perhaps, they only needed a few credits to graduate and have done so quickly, or any other significant change that may have been unanticipated at the time of the award of rehabilitative alimony.

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