Will I Have to Pay Alimony to My Husband in Florida

Will I Have to Pay Alimony to My Husband in Florida

Will I have to pay alimony to my husband in Florida? The answer to this loaded question is maybe. The answer depends on your current and prior income, if you were employed during the marriage, the standard of living during the marriage, the other spouse’s income, either spouse’s career sacrifices, and  a host of other factors as provided in Florida Statute 61.08. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs is an alimony attorney in Orlando and all throughout Central Florida. When you have questions about alimony and the equitable distribution of your marital assets and liabilities, we are ready to help. Call us for answers to your alimony questions at 407-335-8113.

According to the United States Department of Labor, women’s employment accounts for over 72 million jobs in the United States. In fact, unemployment is often lower for women than it is for their male counterparts. Most women workers are full-time labor force participants. What do these statistics have to do with the question posed, will I have to pay alimony to my husband in Florida? Clearly a great deal. If women are the primary earners of income, or the sole-earners, it means the husband likely takes care of the children (if any) and handles the so-called homemaking or domestic duties. Let’s not stereotype this as some romantic imbalance, or power-struggle at home. Let’s instead realize that men and women are both capable of great successes and sometimes the job market allows for one spouse to have greater upward-mobility. This is a beautiful thing, because it allows couples to have potentially two lucrative income sources, and if there is only one, at least it supports the family. Let’s provide more clarity on how does alimony work in Florida. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs is a divorce attorney in Orlando, as well as a Central Florida Divorce Attorney.

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How Does Alimony Work in Florida?

Many of our other articles address how alimony works in Florida, but in light of the question about women paying alimony, let’s provide some clarification. Alimony works based on the parties’ presentation of evidence based on their financial circumstances, their careers, their job-training, their age, their need for or ability to pay alimony, etc. This applies for both men and women, it is not exclusive to men. Therefore, will I have to pay alimony to my husband in Florida is best answered by saying that your case is unique, but it is a real possibility that if the woman earns more money, she may be ordered to pay alimony to her ex-husband. The law is gender-blind in a sense because it recognizes how diverse our workforce is specifically as pertains to gender. For more information call or e-mail the Jacobs Law Firm, Clermont divorce attorney, as well as a Central Florida Divorce Attorney, for a consultation. 407-335-8113.

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Attorney Jonathan Jacobs can answer your questions about alimony.

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