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Uncontested Divorce in Florida With Child

An uncontested divorce in Florida with child is more complex than a standard uncontested divorce where the issues are primarily financial. When children are involved, the family law court requires your attorney to present additional documents for the court records. These may include a UCCJEA, an extended Notice of Social Security Numbers, a parenting plan and child support guidelines (described below). How is an uncontested divorce with children different in practice? Call us at 407-335-8113 for a consultation to discuss whether affordable amicable uncontested divorce is right for your family.

In addition to the standard pleadings when there is an uncontested divorce in Florida with child, your amicable divorce or simple divorce (there are several phrases that litigants use to describe this process) must include a parenting plan, a child support guidelines worksheet, a UCCJEA, and a more extensive notice of Social Security Numbers. The Florida parenting plan must meet certain minimum requirements, or the court may require you to amend the plan to comply with its rules and regulations (statutorily speaking). Your uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando will work closely with you to ensure the parenting plan not only meets the court’s requirements, but also ensures it aligns with your schedule so it will be in your and your children’s best interests.

Uncontested Divorce in Florida With Child and Child Support

If your amicable divorce includes children, the court requires a child support guidelines worksheet to be drafted. The Jacobs Law Firm uses a family law software that calculates child support and is used by many Florida courts. The child support calculations include health insurance, daycare expenses, the parties’ gross incomes, and deviations for which party is claiming the child tax credit for the year. With an uncontested divorce in Florida with child many litigants choose to pay child support directly with the option of registering with the State Disbursement Unit should the payor fail to make timely child support payments.

The Notice of Social Security Numbers is generally filed in all cases, and is particularly important if the parties in an uncontested divorce in Florida with child are in need of Title IV-D financial assistance due to poverty, disability, or otherwise. It may appear to be a formality, but when there are children involved, the court requires this document to be filed. Sometimes a parent will know every detail about their child, but not the Social Security Number. This can be obtained from the other party or by visiting the Vital Statistic office to obtain a new Social Security Card for future use.

Ultimately, an uncontested divorce in Florida with child is a process that generally is affordable and can help prevent lasting damage to family relationships. As an uncontested divorce attorney in Lake County FL and in Orlando, it is important to help divorce clients resolve their marital issues amicably. When you need us, call Jacobs Law Firm uncontested divorce attorney at 407-335-8113. We are here to help you negotiate and litigate.