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Pasco County Uncontested Divorce

Contact Jacobs Law Firm to start your Pasco County uncontested divorce today. A Pasco County divorce attorney can help make your divorce affordable and as amicable as possible. Among the differences between a contested and an uncontested divorce in Pasco County, FL is an amicable divorce is generally resolved before a case is filed with the family law circuit court. This means that your divorce attorney in Pasco County will assist with drafting all of your documents and seeking to have all required signatures and notarizations complete before the case is filed. Contact Jacobs Law Firm for a consultation about your uncontested divorce in Pasco County, FL (City of Dade City, City of New Port Richey, City of Port Richey, City of San Antonio, City of Zephyrhills and Town of St. Leo) at 407-335-8113. We practice collaborative divorce in Pasco County and throughout Florida.

A Pasco County uncontested divorce may involve minor children. When minor children are involved in your family law case, a parenting plan is required, both parties must fill out a financial affidavit, and if child support is not already handled with the Department of Revenue, child support guidelines worksheets are generally submitted to the court. The parenting plan may involve a long-distance arrangement. The number of overnights should be specified, and a vast number of issues regarding parental responsibility and parental roles should be decided and codified.

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A Pasco County divorce attorney will assist with (likely draft) a marital settlement agreement for you. This marital/property settlement agreement in your divorce will determine how your marital assets and liabilities are to be equitably distributed in the context of your dissolution of marriage. The property settlement agreement may involve the disposition of homes, cars, personal property, retirement funds, and more. Many litigants utilize their financial affidavits for reference while drafting the agreement. This may assist with ensuring all marital assets and liabilities are accounted for in your New Port Richey uncontested divorce.

Pasco County Divorce Attorney

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Should your divorce involve relocation (one party is moving more than 50 miles away from his/her present location), a long-distance parenting plan will be required. Furthermore, your divorce attorney in Pasco County will need to ensure the long-distance parenting plan meets the specific requirements set forth by the court to ensure continuous and meaningful contact among the parents, should the parents prefer such an outcome. Given your New Port Richey uncontested divorce may involve property along the water, both real and tangible (boats, jet skis, etc.), it may be best to consider how to structure your settlement to avoid losing wonderful views and recreational activities.

As a Pasco County divorce attorney, Jacobs Law Firm assists clients with their Pasco County uncontested divorce cases. If retained, this service can be as extensive as drafting all required documents for clients, filing their documents, and arranging for the case to be completed through a final judgment for dissolution of marriage. Call 407-335-8113 to speak with a divorce attorney in Pasco County and start your uncontested divorce in Pasco County FL.