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uncontested divorce lawyer Osceola

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Osceola

As an uncontested divorce lawyer in Osceola County FL, we help clients in Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Poinciana, Celebration, Yeehaw, and all throughout the County. The Osceola Court is part of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, which includes/is shared with Orange County. In fact, some of the family law judges are assigned to cases in both courts. It is not uncommon for family judges to transfer from one courthouse to the other. Procedurally, Osceola County uncontested divorces are handled differently than is the case in many other areas. Typically, a final hearing is required even if you are represented by an Osceola divorce attorney, and there is a substantial amount of paperwork required for your Kissimmee uncontested divorce. Call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113 and we will discuss how we can save you money with a flat fee representation agreement and talk about the procedures you must follow to complete an uncontested divorce in Osceola County. Kissimmee and St. Cloud are amazing cities and great places to live.

When represented by an uncontested divorce lawyer Osceola, as your counsel of record, we must certify to the court that all documents have been properly executed and filed. This is a basic prerequisite to the court allowing us to schedule a final hearing in your case. This is generally called a verified checklist for attorney uncontested divorce. Fortunately, your dissolution of marriage may be done online through document submission and your hearing will likely be held virtually for the convenience of both parties.

Finalizing an uncontested divorce in Osceola County may involve a short hearing. The family court will want to have your Osceola divorce attorney ask some basic jurisdictional and other questions pertaining to your settlement agreements. Moreover, if you or your spouse are seeking a name change, the final hearing is the optimal time to ensure the court grants that relief. The judge will ask to view your driver license to ensure it was issued at least six months prior to the filing of your case. Additionally, it is not uncommon for a family judge to ask whether your marriage can be saved. Your Kissimmee uncontested divorce lawyer Osceola will ask you any remaining colloquy questions.

Prior to your hearing, and after consulting with you and your spouse for approval, as your uncontested divorce lawyer Osceola, we will submit to the court your final judgment proposal. This document is intended to finalize your divorce and for the court to order your settlement agreements (marital settlement agreement, parenting plan and child support) enforceable. Consider hiring Jacobs Law Firm for your uncontested divorce in Osceola County FL.