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Minneola Divorce Attorney

Jacobs Family Law Firm, Minneola divorce attorney, is an experienced and compassionate family and divorce law firm with offices in Clermont and Winter Park. Minneola and Clermont are two of the fastest growing towns/cities in all of Florida (in case you haven’t noticed the traffic, it is a booming city). As families relocate to/move to Minneola and Clermont from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Texas, California, North Carolina, and elsewhere, their circumstances often change. This means that a lot of personal finances change, relationships grow and devolve, and divorce can be the result of a lot of those life changes. As a divorce attorney in Minneola FL, Attorney Jacobs knows that separation from your spouse can be a stressful time full of uncertainly and concern. If you need to speak with an experienced family lawyer Minneola FL, call us for a consultation at 407-335-8113. We will answer your questions, listen carefully to the facts of your case, and advise you how you may proceed. Knowledge is power and knowing your options can help you choose the best course of action not only for yourself, but also your family. Call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113 and speak with an experienced divorce attorney in Clermont and divorce lawyer in Orlando. We offer flat fee affordable rates for divorce and paternity cases.

Divorce Attorney in Minneola

As a Minneola divorce attorney, we practice the three primary types of divorce. This includes contested divorces, uncontested divorces, and collaborative divorce. As a family lawyer Minneola FL, we also litigate paternity matters involving fathers’ rights. During your consultation, we will discuss the unique facts you present to us and help you choose which method is best for you. Not all situations allow for collaborative divorce in Clermont or Minneola, or for an uncontested divorce, and that is fact-dependent. With a collaborative divorce, you may be able to avoid the courtroom altogether. Financial privacy is often assured. An entire team is devoted to an equitable outcome for both parties. The lion’s share of the cost is paid upfront and may cost less than had you litigated a lengthy and bitter divorce.

A divorce attorney in Minneola can help you find out if an uncontested divorce in Minneola is right for you. An uncontested divorce is one where you and your spouse have enough of a relationship to resolve all issues and finalize all documents before filing a case. This can help avoid litigation entirely, and minimize costs. An uncontested divorce is distinguishable because the spouses themselves drive the process.

family lawyer minneola

Family Lawyer Minneola

Alternatively, some of you may be unmarried parents and need a family lawyer Minneola to help secure parental rights. If you are an unmarried father in Florida, your rights are limited until you have filed an action for the establishment of paternity and child support. You likely also want to get the DOR out of your finances, and we can help in many cases.

To consult with a Minneola divorce attorney, call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113 and speak with a family lawyer Minneola and divorce attorney in Minneola to learn about your options and your legal rights.