Florida Custody Laws

This blog about Florida child custody laws has been over a year in the making. A lot of information we will present has been shared by my daughter. My bestie Julianna is an incredible source of knowledge for us and hopefully for a lot of other parents. She is among the kindest and brightest children. Julianna is observant and generous, and has a tendency to be a leader for her siblings. Our daughter started pre-kindergarten in August 2022. Since that time, she has provided us with a lot of insight into school, holidays, places kids like to go, and because of her unique personality, my wife and I have grown as parents tenfold. Child custody in Florida may lead to some disappointments for parents, but we have to be versatile and flexible to face challenging times. Jacobs Law Firm is a family law firm.

The genesis of this Florida custody laws blogosphere has been working with so many parents that struggle to get along with their former spouse or partner. Sadly, it is the children who suffer when parents are unable to co-parent meaningfully. How can we help parents beyond the legal aspects of any given case? By sharing some of Julianna’s childhood experiences with you fellow parents. We know you love your kid(s). Perhaps a little brainstorming as to what activities you can do when it’s your time to be with your children.

If you are a divorced parent or have been through child custody in Florida (the proverbial paternity ringer), you might want to know of some places to bring your kids. One of the best decisions my wife and I have made is bringing our kids to museums, zoos, arcades, playgrounds, restaurants, beaches, boat rides, and the list goes on. For some of you parents, feeling like you are a single parent can be difficult and sometimes defeating. You used to be a team and now suddenly, it’s all up to you. The toothbrushing, baths, meals, talks, reading, activities, doctor visits, etc. Maybe our Florida child custody laws articles will help you.

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How can our experiences with Julianna help you parent or coparent? Read on to find out and we will provide you with real life experiences. If any of our events can help you parent well, we are happy for you. Now, the star of this show (at least until the other kids are a little older and join in on the fun) is Julianna.