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This article is for reference only. We are not accepting new QDRO clients at this time. What is a qualified domestic relations order and how can a QDRO Attorney Florida help you? A Florida QDRO Attorney can draft, file, and submit your Qualified Domestic Relations Order Florida to the retirement/benefits solutions department of your company. A QDRO is an order from the family circuit court that ratifies a Marital Settlement Agreement (dividing retirement assets) incorporated into a Final Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage. Your Florida QDRO Attorney will ensure that all the requirements your organization has established for the division and distribution of your retirement or pension or other post-career benefits are met perfectly to prevent delays or other issues that may arise. Jacobs Law Firm is located in Winter Park/Orlando and in Clermont Florida. A QDRO Attorney Orlando Florida will manage your Florida QDRO preparation.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order Florida

A QDRO Attorney Florida may be the attorney of record for your contested or uncontested divorce case. This means that Jacobs Law firm can prepare your Qualified Domestic Relations Order Florida based on the Marital Settlement Agreement and Final Judgment that we have already drafted and submitted to the family court. This may allow us a more careful and measured insight into this type of asset division.

qualified domestic relations order florida

QDRO Attorney Orlando Florida

A QDRO is a way to divide and distribute retirement funds, pension accounts, and post-career benefits that were at issue in a divorce. Often, both spouses will contribute to the cost of the Qualified Domestic Relations Order Florida. The Florida QDRO preparation cost can be factored into the proportion of the distribution of the retirement or other funds. Commonly, former spouses divide the cost because a QDRO Attorney Florida does a great job in wrapping up one of the most important distributions of marital property for former spouses.

Florida QDRO preparation is done based on the documents a company provides to employees when a divorce is in progress. These documents will outline the rules each company maintains for alternate payees/beneficiaries of retirement funds. Interestingly, in many dissolution of marriage actions, both parties will need a QDRO for the equitable distribution of their marital assets.

A QDRO Attorney Florida/Florida QDRO Attorney knows when it is appropriate to start your Florida QDRO preparation. This means Jacobs Law Firm, QDRO Attorney Orlando Florida knows when to submit your documents to the Court for approval and when to deliver originals or copies to your organization for finalization of the process. For more information and to answer the question, what is a qualified domestic relations order, call 407-335-8113 today.