Reviews of Attorney Jonathan Jacobs: Client Testimonials for Attorney Jonathan Jacobs of the Jacobs Law Firm

Reviews of Attorney Jonathan JacobsThe following client testimonials for Attorney Jonathan Jacobs have been provided by former and current clients on their own volition. If you would like to provide reviews of Attorney Jonathan Jacobs, please post anywhere online, or e-mail us with your comments and we will post them.

Jonathan Jacobs is a family and divorce law attorney as well as a civil litigator. His main office is located in Orlando, Florida, he lives in Clermont FL, and he works tirelessly throughout Central Florida for his clients.

Client: C.B. “I Hired Mr. Jacobs To Do My Will In The Fall Of 2017. From The Very Beginning He Was Kind, Professional, Competent, And Informative. He Took The Time To Explain My Options To Me And How To Execute A Valid Will In Florida. Winthin A Couple Of Short Months He Was Done And Ready For Me To Sign.”

Client D.S. wrote: “I hired Mr. Jacobs to do my will in the Fall of 2017. From the very beginning he was kind, professional, competent, and informative. He took the time to explain my options to me and how to execute a valid will in Florida. Winthin a couple of short months he was done and ready for me to sign.”

Client T.N. wrote: “Attorney Jonathan Jacobs was very professional and knowledgeable during my divorce. If I had any questions, he saw that it was important that I understood the process, and what to expect. He fights for and understands his clients. I highly recommend him as an attorney.”

Client A.G. wrote: “I was so fortunate to have found Attorney Jacobs. I went through a nasty divorce and ended up filing for bankruptcy. Atty. Jacobs is highly professional, knowlegeable, honest and caring. If you want a great attorney, he gets the job done!”

Client S.S. wrote: “I called and spoke to attorney Jonathan Jacobs. I explained my situation and attorney Jacobs took charge and settled my case quickly. I do not know what I would have done without his help.”

Client Anonymous wrote: “I contacted Mr. Jacobs not too long ago inquiring what actions I and my family could take in order to prevent my stepsister’s cousin from seeing her for safety reasons. She was sexually assaulted as a young child by the cousin (who was 15 at the time). He was not only helpful in giving me step by step instructions on what to do and how to go about it but also sensitive and showed he cared about doing his job well.”

Client M.F. wrote: “Automobile Purchase/Exchange Review, Mr. Jacobs was very helpful, considerate and knowledgeable when he assisted me in a difficult and complicated Transaction.”

Client F.R. wrote: “I was in a very difficult spot in life going through my first divorce, when I had heard of Mr. Jacob’s and decided to seek his professional help! I could not have been happier with my experience! He handled my case with wisdom and precision( and when needed patience with the delicate situations ) .His professional advice made something that can be so ugly and stressful into an experience that I now feel as if can peacefully move on from this hard part in my life. The case was handled fast and carefully and I can never thank him enough for being caring and helpful, a true skilled in the art of law!!”

Client P.B. wrote: “We initially contacted Jonathan via a search on-line on a Saturday afternoon. We were not expecting a response until Monday and where surprised when he responded asking for more details on our case. We replied back in the evening explaining it would be easier if we could speak to him. We needed a contract reviewed quickly as there was a limited time to opt out. He responded and said we could call anytime the next day, Sunday. We were happily surprised at his wiliness to try to help us out. When we spoke to Jonathan and went through the detail he arranged to see us the next day. He asked us to sent him a couple of the relevant pages so he could do a bit of a pre-view before we met. We did this and then got the whole document, about 35 pages, scanned in and sent that on as well.
When we met Jonathan he had already done a lot of the review and went through everything with my wife and I. We are on an extended holiday from the UK and although we speak the same language the terminology is somewhat different. Jonathan explained everything in detail and was happy to go into more detail when necessary. Jonathan got everything ready on the times and dates he had told us and submitted our cancellation notice.
I would definitely recommend Jonathan Jacobs and would use him again if the need arose.”

Client S.P. wrote: “Mr. Jacobs was nothing except phenomenal from start to end. He made it a priority to know every detail about my case, made countless phone calls to get things moving, and constantly updated me with any bit of news so that I was reassured and not left in the dark. I was able to get ahold of him at almost any day or time and received a reply right away. Along with all of this, his services were affordable and my case ended the way it should have. Anyone would be lucky to have Jonathan Jacobs as their attorney.”