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uncontested divorce Winter Garden FL

Uncontested Divorce Winter Garden FL

If you are pursuing an uncontested divorce Winter Garden FL, you have the choice of venue for where your case will be filed. If you choose to file your case in Orange County, Seminole County, or Lake County, Florida, there may be certain advantages that accompany each location. In Florida, litigants may file in any county of their choosing if they are pursuing an amicable divorce. There are some procedural differences between Lake and Orange County Florida in the way the family law court handles the finalization of a divorce. The additional paperwork required by the family court in Orange County may cause some in Winter Garden and Oakland, Florida to choose to file their case in Lake County (at the Tavares Courthouse) or in Sanford (at the Seminole County Courthouse). To speak with an uncontested divorce attorney Winter Garden FL call 407-335-8113 to consult with the Jacobs Law Firm about your case and find out why choosing an uncontested divorce may be the best way for you to move forward. Did you know Jacobs Law Firm practices collaborative divorce in Florida? Find out if collaborative divorce is right for you!

Uncontested Divorce Attorney Winter Garden FL

An uncontested divorce attorney in Winter Garden FL can help save you money. For starters, uncontested divorce generally does not require a process server and therefore there is no summons fee charged by the clerk of court. This could result in substantial savings. Further, an uncontested divorce can allow spouses to pre-litigate/settle ALL of their issues without any litigation. Rather than spending months or years tied up in a bitter struggle, spouses are welcome to retain Jacobs Law Firm to make their divorce affordable. Leave more of your hard-earned money to your children, and have more funds available to start your post-marital life without hardship and financial distress.

Traditionally, an uncontested divorce means both sides have decided how best to co-parent (provided the case involves minor children), how to allocate for the children’s time with each parent, and which parent will be the primary school parent (if this is a crucial issue in your case). Moreover, your uncontested divorce attorney Winter Garden FL will provide insight into the best approach to equitably (fairly, reasonably, and justly) dividing your marital assets and liabilities. The division of cars, homes, bank accounts, retirement accounts, credit card debts, student loan debts (etc.), is best done with guidance from an attorney trained experienced with litigation and uncontested divorce in Winter Garden FL.

When you are ready to resolve all of your issues amicably and speak with a Winter Garden Divorce Attorney, call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113. Speak with Attorney Jonathan Jacobs about all of the issues you are concerned with and find out how we may help save you money and move on without the bitterness associated with divorce litigation.