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school designation authority florida parenting plan

School Designation Florida Parenting Plan

One of the biggest conflicts in every divorce or paternity case involving minor children is school designation authority. Specifically, which parent will have school designation authority in their Florida parenting plan? This one singular issue often prevents the parties from coming to an agreement on a parenting plan, even when all other issues have been decided on. In order to find out why school designation Florida parenting plan is so vital to family law litigants, we must first understand what it is, and why it is so important. School issues after divorce are serious for both parents and children. Call the Jacobs Law Firm for guidance with your parenting/timesharing plan at 407-335-8113.

School Issues After Divorce

Generally, the custodial parent, meaning the primary timesharing parent, has school designation authority leading to school issues after divorce. This is logical and rational. Generally speaking, Mom or Dad lives close to the children’s school and has more time with the kids. The kids will not have to travel far to attend school, and they can remain in the same school district/zone that they attended before their parents started divorcing. This can prevent additional stress and anxiety for the kids. Routines are important. However, in some cases, Mom or Dad has moved because of the breakup or divorce and the area where they live has a much better school system with better school ratings. Perhaps Mom or Dad’s new school zone is a more appropriate place for the kids to attend.

school issues after divorce

Access to Better Schools for the Minor Children

The availability of good schools, the distance the parents live from those schools, and the safety and stability of the kids are three factors the court uses to determine school designation in Florida parenting plans. The question is, during settlement negotiations, or during mediation, will the parties themselves consider their children’s best interests in deciding which party has school designation authority. If not, school issues after divorce will arise.

Relocation with Minor Children and School Designation Authority

Perhaps adding an extra layer of conflict is parents often relocate with minor children. Jobs and careers change often, and new opportunities are often available in other areas. This may mean that the parent with school designation Florida parenting plan may be allowed to transfer the kids to a new school. This may cause the other side to contest relocation, or to petition the court for school designation authority to be transferred to them, the other parent.

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