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Child custody tips

Child Custody Tips

Looking for some child custody tips? My two youngest kids are 2 and a half and a few months old. The focus here is Julianna for now, and as time goes by, we will add our other two besties for a broader perspective. About Julianna: Julianna is precocious and has a high percentile performance on her literacy tests. She loves to talk, talk and talk some more. She takes after her lawyerly dad. Our daughter demands that we read to her and with her as often as possible. She will not go to bed without her story and a testing of her ability to recognize site words (or is it sight words?). Attorney Jacobs is a family lawyer Orlando and family lawyer Clermont who prefers to resolve family law cases amicably with no contest. It is better for your pocketbook and/or wallet.

Julianna is a wonderful source of information. She talks about her classmates, teachers, and observes at a high level. This is why she is perfect for the blogosphere. As a family lawyer, we often have clients that are single parents. They do not always have a support system, and some of them are rookie parents. The insights I receive from Julianna often help me advise people. Child custody tips here we come.

Typically, people want to know what sorts of activities they can do with their kids. That may seem simple to some of you, but it is difficult for others. Is it ok to bring your kid to the science museum? The beach? Which beach? When? Do you have sunblock with you? Bug repellant spray? Adequate changes of diapers and clothes? Is it ok to go see a movie? The Imax? Can you bring your child to a relative or friend’s house for a change of scenery and babysitting? I know this sounds ridiculous to those of you that regularly do those activities. For those of you in difficult relationships where your every move appears to be scrutinized by your ex, and they are waiting to modify your timesharing or take it away, some insight might be valuable and helpful.

Essentially, as a family lawyer Orlando and family lawyer Clermont, having young children has been a priceless resource. It helps me recognize how special kids are to parents and experience first hand the challenges of raising children in today’s world. Who knows, maybe Julianna’s wisdom can help. After all, if she loves the Central Florida Zoo, maybe you will take your kids to Busch Gardens. Child custody tips can help you as a parent.