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Brevard County uncontested divorce

Brevard County Uncontested Divorce

Clients ask, who gets the house in a Brevard County uncontested divorce? One of the primary marital assets that is often equitably distributed is a residential/real property. Jacobs Law Firm negotiates home ownership and division when couples split up. Attorneys help to equitably distribute property in an uncontested divorce in Brevard County Florida. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs assists clients with amicably and peacefully dissolving their marriages. Private negotiations are held where spouses and their attorney(s) work on a property settlement agreement, called a marital settlement agreement. Jacobs Law Firm negotiates uncontested divorces in Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay and Titusville. Having an experienced attorney may help you avoid a trial and multiple court appearances, and can spare you the figurative agony of years of document disclosures. In an uncontested divorce, the judge does not decide your marital property division. Contact Jacobs Law Firm, uncontested divorce attorney Brevard County Florida for a consultation by calling 407-335-8113. Learn who gets the house in your divorce.

Couples who do not have a prenuptial agreement negotiate the equitable division of their marital property. Homeowners who have minor children (under 18 or otherwise still in high school) work out a parenting plan to meet the best interests of their children. An uncontested divorce attorney will ask their client to complete Financial Affidavit. Jacobs Law Firm examines your mortgage, utility bills, insurance, property taxes, and value to help determine the post-divorce affordability of living in your home. Other factors go into who gets the house in a Brevard County uncontested divorce. The purchase date, down payment, and renovations during the marriage are sometimes considered as factors in the parties’ decision. Jacobs Law Firm generally advises three primary options for your marital settlement regarding who keeps or sells the house. Book a consultation with Jacobs Law Firm by dialing 407-335-8113.

Brevard County Florida is located in the east-central part of the Sunshine State. Much of the area makes up The Space Coast. Home to Cape Canaveral, the aerospace industry drives the local economy. As of 2020, Brevard is the 10th most populated County in Florida. Titusville is the seat and has a historic courthouse. Additional government branches are located in Viera and Melbourne to serve all residents. Brevard County Florida has a long coastal stretch of 72 miles. The Palm Bay Melbourne Titusville Metro Area is located between Jacksonville and Miami. Attorney Jacobs recommends visiting the famous Kennedy Space Center. Other must-see sites include the Brevard Zoo and Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier. Call 407-335-8113 for a consultation with Jacobs Law Firm. Our attorney practices uncontested divorce in Brevard County Florida.

When a judge rules on marital property division, sometimes the settlement is surprising. Out-of-court negotiations and settlements typically save you time and money. Your attorney charges less because your case does not go to trial. An uncontested divorce helps you plan for the future with some degree of predictability. Moreover, parents choose to do a Brevard County uncontested divorce often do not want to disrupt their children’s lives or want a fresh start. Jacobs Law Firm works with all different family dynamics and financial situations. An uncontested divorce in Brevard County Florida grants a peaceful end to a marriage. In a buyout, the spouse keeping the house must be able to afford the payments. Having an experienced family lawyer may assist in protecting your interests and investments. Please call Jacobs Law Firm, uncontested divorce attorney Brevard County Florida at 407-335-8113 for your consultation. Get a fair settlement on your uncontested divorce in Brevard County Florida.