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divorce attorney Sumter County Florida

Divorce Attorney Sumter County Florida

Jonathan Jacobs is a divorce attorney Sumter County Florida that listens to his clients and cares about their needs. As a Bushnell Divorce Attorney, Mr. Jacobs recognizes that each county presents unique cases and facts. Sumter County offers a great deal of larger homes with more land, as well as an abundance of senior living communities. This makes a lot of Sumter County divorce cases focused on estate planning, the equitable distribution of marital homes, and family issues with minor children (what you might expect when the Villages are involved). When you need to speak with an experienced and compassionate counsel, call Jacobs Law Firm and schedule your hour-long consultation. It is important you learn about the divorce process, the options you may have, and why settling your case reasonably can help save on legal expenses. Dial 407-335-8113 today.

Sumter County has the highest population of 65 or older people in the State of Florida. When spouses need a best divorce attorney Sumter County Florida, it likely means they have been married for a very long time. This means their case likely involves more retirement issues, assets, liabilities, and many other issues dealing with financial affairs. Retirement communities often house younger people going through child custody issues and temporarily living with their grandparents. This is where you may need a Bushnell Divorce Attorney to help sort through your timesharing and child support issues. For instance, your case may involve child support arrearages which may be retroactive two years from the date of filing your case. The case might involve a family home that would otherwise be inheritable.

A Sumter County divorce attorney has experience dealing with larger properties. Sumter County is home to large rural properties that may be multi-acre properties. These can also present uniquely challenging issues with service of process. A divorce attorney Bushnell Florida also knows the standing order for Sumter County and how it could impact your case. This is a unique place for divorce and we want to quarterback your case.

A divorce attorney Sumter County Florida will help you from start to finish with your documents, filing, service, disclosures, settlement offers, mediation, and if necessary, depositions and trial, etc. Call Jacobs Law Firm when you need experienced and compassionate representation during this difficult time in your life. Dial 407-335-8113 today and speak with Attorney Jonathan Jacobs about your divorce matters.