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short term alimony in florida

Short Term Alimony in Florida

Short Term Alimony in Florida: Short Term Marriage in Florida 

The Florida Alimony Statute provides guidance on the length of time the court will consider (in many cases) as a short-term marriage in Florida, for the express purpose of determining how much to award in short term alimony in Florida. In another article, we have outlined the factors the Florida court will consider and listen to arguments on, when deciding whether to award alimony, and if so, how much alimony to award the needing party. A marriage that lasts for anything less than seven years is considered to be a short-term marriage in Florida. This is known as a rebuttable presumption. This article elaborates on the Florida alimony length of marriage for purposes of the parties arguing for, and the court awarding alimony. Jonathan Jacobs is an Orlando family lawyer ready to help you through these turbulent times in your alimony case.

Florida Alimony Length of Marriage

There are other marital durations (i.e. the Florida alimony length of marriage) that Florida also presumes unless successfully rebutted. Those other marital durations are a moderate term marriage, which is greater than seven (7) years but less than seventeen (17) years. Finally, for purposes of alimony considerations, a long-term marriage in Florida lasts (presumptively) for more than seventeen (17) years and has no specific upward time frame given it is as implied, the longest term possible under the eyes of the law. Spousal support is a major issue in many divorce cases.

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The types of alimony the court may award (generally speaking) in short term marriage Florida rulings are alimony pendente lite (suit money), bridge the gap alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and if the arguments are sufficient and the court feels an upward departure is justified, durational alimony. Florida alimony length marriage is a consideration you should discuss with your Orlando family law attorney.

What is a Rebuttable Presumption?

A rebuttable presumption is a presumption whereby the court defaults to it as the basis or starting point for its ruling, but is open to arguments to the contrary that may or may not convince the judge/court to rule otherwise. A rebuttable presumption is difficult to overcome without substantial evidence to the contrary. Back to the original point about short term alimony Florida, and short-term marriage Florida, there is in Florida a rebuttable presumption that a marital union of less than 7 years is a short-term marriage. Some case law provides that alimony may not be appropriate in short term marriages,

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