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legal separation in florida

Legal Separation in Florida

Is there such a thing as legal separation in Florida? Not Can I be engaged while still married in Florida? The answer to this age-old question is not a straightforward yes. There are legal ramifications, social stigmas, and morality concerns that may impact the answer and or advisability as to whether you may get engaged before your divorce is final. You may date while separated in Florida, and you may engage in romantic relationships. There is no such legal distinction as a legal separation in Florida, though there may be such legal precedents in other states. There could be legal, social and moral issues as a result of your decision to engage in romantic relationships while married though separated from your spouse. When you have questions to pressing family law/paternity and divorce law concerns, call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113. We enjoy speaking with clients about unique facts and helping make complex legal issues such as Florida legal separation understandable.

florida legal separation

Legal separation in Florida is not a legally binding action in Florida. Rather, a Florida legal separation is more of a fact-based situation/state of affairs. In Florida, either spouse may file for divorce from their spouse. Filing for divorce may involve arguments over the date of separation and how that may impact the litigants financially or otherwise. Nevertheless, Florida does not recognize a legal separation and it does not allow for the bifurcation of proceedings automatically. Therefore, in Florida, the answer to our original question of can I be engaged while still married in Florida, is yes. Being engaged does not create a legally binding union in Florida. It does not allow the parties to file a divorce or separation action in the family circuit court as the court would likely not have jurisdiction over such an action. In some instances, spouses plan for a potential divorce by entering into a postnuptial agreement.

Can I be engaged while still married in Florida

Can I be engaged while still married in Florida?

A Florida legal separation, while not an official legal distinction, is more of a factual situation. Legal separation in Florida is more about when the parties separated and what assets and liabilities they have accrued since the time/date they separated. The date of separation could impact child support arrearages, alimony calculations and arrearages, and whether marital assets have been dissipated or otherwise spent in a manner requiring the court to equitably distribute marital property in an unequal manner to establish fairness. Can I be engaged while still married in Florida? Yes you can, but consider how such an entanglement may impact your relationship with your children, your spouse, and how the financial aspects of your relationship may influence a court’s decisions about your finances. Call Jacobs Law Firm today at 407-335-8113.