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Divorce lawyers in Lakeland Florida

Divorce Lawyers in Lakeland Florida

It’s time to find the best divorce attorney in Polk County Florida. You are about to file for divorce, or you have already been served with papers. Divorce lawyers in Lakeland Florida understand the procedures and processes from experience. We are knowledgeable to help you with all of your issues. Most divorce cases in Polk County involve some or all of the following issues: child custody (timesharing, parental responsibility, medical expenses, education), child support (how much, how often, based on certain sources of income and allowable deductions), the equitable distribution of marital assets (cars, houses, land, 401Ks, retirement accounts, bank accounts) and liabilities (equity loans, mortgages, credit card debts, student loans, etc.). Call Jacobs Law Firm to speak with Attorney Jonathan Jacobs, Lakeland divorce attorney by calling 407-335-8113. Ask us about Florida’s alimony reform 2023.


Starting a Divorce in Florida is a difficult decision to make. Are you ready to get divorced? Have you planned on a divorce? Why are you getting a divorce? This is a decision that is generally made over time and not because of any one occurrence. Call Jacobs Law Firm offices Clermont and Winter Park FL for the divorce and family law help you need. Dial 407-335-8113 today. www.jjlawfl.com #orlandodivorce #orlandodivorcelawyer #uncontesteddivorce #amicabledivorce #startingdivorce #divorce #clermontflorida #tampadivorceattorney

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Divorce lawyers in Lakeland Florida know that each judge has their unique policies and procedures. This can impact your case in a number of ways. You may want a hearing on timesharing and child support before mediation has occurred. The best divorce attorneys in Polk County Florida know the judge’s preference for when hearings should occur. This includes whether a meet and confer is necessary, the proper timing for the filing of a non-emergency motion, and how to schedule with the court.

As a Lakeland divorce attorney, Jacobs Law Firm knows it is important to prepare your family law case from the beginning in an organized and meticulous manner. The best way to approach a family case is to ensure all mandatory disclosures are exchanged. This helps us as your counsel to determine the best equitable distribution framework for your case. Ensuring all documents have been exchanged also allows us to be sure all of your issues are addressed.

Any divorce lawyers in Lakeland Florida should obtain all of the documents necessary to determine your alimony, child support, distribution of assets and liabilities. Retrieving and assembling a complete case file helps an attorney develop a strategy for your case and identify reasonable settlement terms. When your case requires a hearing or if you are going to trial, Polk County is a good place for family litigation. The judges and general magistrates are fair and the system moves at a good pace when compared with other counties.

Call 407-335-8113 today to speak with divorce lawyers in Lakeland Florida, Lakeland divorce Attorney Jonathan Jacobs. We offer flat fee rates and enjoy working with clients.