Social Media and Divorce Florida

social media and divorce florida

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. Snapchat. Pinterest. Reddit. Tumblr. This article is about social media and divorce Florida. Not all social media websites impact spouses or unmarried couples, but many of them can. Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion in the media about the effect of popularity and approval on social media and beyond. There are psychologists and social media executives who believe social media can alter peoples’ perceptions in unpredictable ways, the dopamine factor among them. Let’s take a moment to theorize, and if there is a confluence of theory and law I will note it, about the ways in which social media causes divorce Florida. Jonathan Jacobs is a Lake County Florida Family Law Attorney. Call 407-335-8113 today to speak with your divorce attorney.


Social Media and Divorce do not always mix. Social media can cause you some growing pains in your family case. Exercise good judgment when posting photos and messages that could come before the judge. #socialmediaanddivorce #deletesocialmedia #orlandodivorce #tiktokdivorcelawyer not legal advice

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Social Media Causes Divorce Florida

First, (this is a hypothetical scenario to engage the mind) imagine that Person X (male or female) logs online to surf/browse social media sites (the sites listed above). What is Person X likely to see a lot of? Beautiful people in nice places who are smiling, laughing, and living a luxurious existence. Contrast that sort of perfection and imagery with the comparative humdrum and grind of daily family life. Imagine if Person X works 10-12 hours a day, goes home to more work as there are family responsibilities, enjoys very little personal free time, and does not earn enough money to go on vacation. Person X might begin wondering if life is better as a single person because all visual evidence on social media suggests life is a vacation. This is only a hypothetical about whether social media causes divorce Florida.

This is a stark contrast presented in the hypothetical. Social media is generally not intended to portray babies pooping or regurgitating, or mom and dad having little time to shower and clean the house after work. Instead, social media is designed to highlight the good life, the life to be attained, the way things could be. Routinely, people photograph themselves at their best, dressed nicely, with great lighting, all to create a sort of image. That image is generally not one of a messy life full of chores and hard work. Let’s return to our hypothetical.

Lake County Florida Family Law Attorney: Social Media and Divorce Florida

In our hypothetical, Person X becomes interested in browsing social media where he/she sees people living it up. Meanwhile, Person Y is comfortable reading a book, or watching Netflix or Hulu or Amazon, and is happy just trying to relax between work and the kids. This could potentially cause a rift. Social media presents certain “social” opportunities that might be the opposite of relationship-building and might be just the exact opposite. If you are going through a breakup, call the Jacobs Law Firm Orlando and Clermont, Lake County Florida Family Law Attorney. If social media and divorce Florida have impacted you and your family, call today to discuss your legal case. Or e-mail us for a free initial consultation.

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