Divorce Rate Florida

divorce rate florida

Writing about the divorce rate in Florida and the divorce rate in America is a delicate proposition. Although there may be hundreds of social, cultural, economic, political, and a myriad of other reasons explicating this recent divorce phenomenon (a temporary/ephemeral predicament ideally), as a divorce attorney in Orlando, we will provide a few reasons divorce may be on the rise and let our readers contemplate their agreement or disagreement with our examination. Call Jacobs Law Firm to speak with a flat fee divorce attorney Orlando, 407-335-8113.

The divorce rate in America for the first four months of the Covid-19 pandemic was said to have “skyrocketed”. Our practice received more calls for divorce and paternity lawsuits from March-June of this year. The divorce rate Florida may be leveling off as people are returning to work and as kids are being welcomed back to school (bricks and mortar or online). Let’s delve into this trending issue.

Divorce Rate in Florida

The divorce rate in Florida experienced a spike because people’s careers (this is not intended to implicate/apply to every marital couple) may have been interrupted. The aftermath of these disruptions of people’s regular work hours, changing of their work schedules, furloughs, and employment terminations was brutal. Marriages felt the impact of an inability to pay their regular bills/expenses. This caused discontent, and in many cases psychological issues such as depression. Beyond the obvious impact of economic uncertainty, work interruptions brought spouses together on an everyday basis. Some worked from home inhabiting the same space. Others spent more time together than had been the case in months or years. Couples that had preexisting marital problems faced increased uncertainty and anxiety and tensions rose. What once may have been acceptable became a cause for discontent.

Another reason the divorce rate Florida rose dramatically earlier this year is (regrettably) because of childcare. Some career people were forced to at least temporarily abandon their career to take care of their kids at home. During a pandemic, few people feel safe sending their children to school. Virtual school is not a simple process; in fact, it is flawed. Kids need supervision even when attending school online. Meal preparation, help with homework, and ensuring children are actively participating in virtual classes are just a few parental responsibilities that must be considered. The abandonment of one’s livelihood can cause bitterness even if the result is the children as better nurtured and parented.

The last reason the divorce rate in Florida increased this year is because of politics. Without delving into any political position or party or ideology, the political strife in our nation is thrusting national issues into homes across our country. Politics is inherently divisive. In times of great tumult and stress, one can imagine that political disagreement does not always help perpetuate a marriage when times are tough.

This article about the divorce rate Florida is intended to be a thought-provoking piece. We would like to hear from you. Feel free to disagree, as discussion and awareness of major issues is a beautiful thing.