Divorce Consultation Orlando

free divorce consultation Orlando

Often new or potential clients ask us what our divorce consultation Orlando is/consists of. Call 407-335-8113 to speak with our compassionate and understanding divorce attorney today. Our goal at  is to provide both ourselves (as your would-be attorney), and you (our potential client) with a Florida divorce consultation that gives an overview of the legal issues in your divorce or family law case. The divorce consultation Orlando can help you decide how best to proceed in your case, and us whether to offer you legal help, in at least the following seven ways:

  1. The more our clients are able to tell us about their case history, the more we can diagnose the potential issues involved in the case.
  2. If the potential client’s case is already underway, the Florida divorce consultation will allow us to understand the trajectory of the case and discern whether we can help, and if so, how we can best help our potential client and minimize costs if possible.
  3. Hearing directly from you about your divorce/family law case will allow for us to brainstorm a strategy for how best to pursue your case. It is important to hire a family law divorce attorney that knows how to handle your case, especially if it is a unique case with infrequently litigated issues (rare issues that need to be addressed).
  4. Having the opportunity for a one-on-one consultation will allow us to establish a rapport enabling us to work well together to achieve your legal goals.
  5. Clear communication and a level of comfort can be established by having a good first impression.
  6. During our divorce consultation Orlando, we can learn about your expectations concerning alimony, child support, tangible personal and real property distribution, and about your division of other assets.
  7. We can discuss potential timelines to avoid confusion about how long a dissolution of marriage family law case may take when issues are contested.

Florida Family Law Attorney

Florida Family Law Attorney

If you would like to speak with a Florida family law attorney about your child support, child custody, or other family case, and receive a divorce consultation Orlando, please call the Jacobs Law Firm, divorce attorney in Orlando today at 407-335-8113. We will be happy to hear from you.